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VIDEO: Chas & Dave – Courage Best

This advertisement for Courage Best from 1979 does the rounds fairly frequently and it’s obvious why: authentic period cinematography, a catchy tune based on a hit single, and a brilliant statement of ‘brand identity’. Thirty-five years later, with extra layers of retro-nostalgic charm, it’s surely due a revival by the current brand-owners.

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If I’m not mistaken, Chas & Dave came to prominence as a result of these adverts, rather than them being based on a hit single.

On a pedantic note, most of the people in the footage would have been drinking mild. If they had been drinking bitter at all, it would have been a good 50% stronger than the stuff the advert was punting.

By jingo, you’re right:

Two years later they were spotted by an advertising exec at a pub gig playing their composition ‘Gertcha’; he signed them up to make ads for Courage beer and lucrative popularity naturally resulted as well as awards for the ads themselves. ‘Gertcha’ became their first Top Twenty chart entry.

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