100 Words: The Best Beer in the World, and that’s final

We’ve been asked several times in the last couple of years: “What would you say is the best beer in the world?”

It’s a daft question, but we’ve tried to answer, with Bailey saying something weasely like “My current favourite is…” and Boak consistently naming the cask version of Fuller’s London Porter.

But we’ve had a think and made a final decision with which we can both agree: the best beer in the world is Westmalle Tripel.

If we could drink nothing else for all eternity, we’d be quite happy.

So there you go. Good to have that settled.

Photograph adapted from Westmalle by Georgio, from Flickr under Creative Commons.

14 replies on “100 Words: The Best Beer in the World, and that’s final”

The correct answer is of course “Not yet”, to which I would have replied, “Well then.” H’mph.

I’m slightly off triples at the moment due to a disappointing experience with three bottles of Affligem (the first was disappointing because it was dismal, the second was disappointing because it was no better than the first, and the third is sitting there waiting to be drunk in a depressing sort of way). I liked the Westmalle a lot the last time I had it, though.

Agree with Jeff, as great a beer as Westmalle Tripel undoubtedly is, I couldn’t drink it exclusively for the rest of time. Something like Bitter and Twisted, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or Three Notch’d Session 42 (yes I am biased I know) would do nicely though.

At the London Craft Beer Festival, me and a mate won a trip to Flanders next year.

Among quite a few lovely beery things, it includes lunch and a personal tour of the Westmalle brewery.

I’ll let you know if there’s any space to smuggle you in my suitcase…

I’ve only just bought an Anchor Porter and now I’m going to have to get a Westmalle Tripel. Can you hold off praising beer for a while, I’ve got more than enough beer as it is.

Not based on the bottles we’ve had recently, of which more in our inevitable ‘beers of the year’ post in December.

If we’re doing beers of the year, I’d have to go with Rooster’s Fort Smith (bottle conditioned). Peerless.

Honourable mention to Burning Sky’s Plateau (cask).

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