News, Nuggets & Longreads 01/11/2014

Illustration: breakfast reading.

Before we get on to the feast of links, a quick reminder: the next round of #beerylongreads is scheduled for Saturday 29 November, and we’d love you to join in.

New York­er mag­a­zine’s lat­est cov­er essen­tial­ly held a mir­ror up to craft beer drinkers allow­ing them to see what they want­ed to see: some were defen­sive, oth­ers flat­tered, while yet a third group chuck­led with glee from the side­lines. Our favourite take on the whole busi­ness was Oliv­er J. Gray’s, which also elicit­ed a com­ment from the artist him­self, Peter de Sève.

→ The indus­try-wide Let There Be Beer relaunched. We said this (cau­tious­ly for), Pete Brown said this (less cau­tious­ly for), and Matt Cur­tis has promised to expand on this when he’s fin­ished pro­cess­ing his thoughts:

(UPDATE 03/11/2014: Mat­t’s piece is now up.)

→ Leg­endary UK beer blog­ger Jeff ‘Stonch’ Bell (he beat us to it by sev­er­al months back in 2007) has returned from a sev­er­al-year hia­tus with, among oth­er posts, this refresh­ing­ly mea­sured piece on what it is like for pub­li­cans to work with pub com­pa­nies:

The sys­tem works like this: we would call SIBA and order the beer, they’d then call the indi­vid­ual brew­ers and the deliv­ery would be made direct­ly. Then came pay­ment: SIBA would present the bill to Punch for the beer, Punch would pay the rock bot­tom prices you’d expect from a pub­co with huge buy­ing pow­er, and then they’d add their own huge mark-up and present me with the bill.

→ Bet­ter known for his his­tor­i­cal research, Mar­tyn ‘Zythophile’ Cor­nel­l’s lat­est post is, by his own admis­sion, a fan­boy­ish cel­e­bra­tion of his favourite brew­ery, Berk­shire’s Siren. There are lots of inter­est­ing details but we were delight­ed to note yet anoth­er brew­er explic­it­ly acknowl­edg­ing the influ­ence of Brew­Dog, and thus sup­port­ing an argu­ment we make in Brew Bri­tan­nia.

→ Beat Kümin, pro­fes­sor his­to­ry at War­wick Uni­ver­si­ty, looks into the truth behind the pop­u­lar fear that we are ‘drink­ing more than ever’ and con­cludes that [SPOILER]:

Look­ing back over the cen­turies, we find no lin­ear increase or decrease of alco­hol con­sump­tion. Every so often soci­eties tend to slip into moral pan­ics about drink­ing excess, at times on rather ques­tion­able grounds.

(Via @markhailwood.)

→ Robin ‘Thirsty Wench’ LeBlanc cel­e­brat­ed Hal­loween by review­ing a beer called The Blood of Cthul­hu in the style of H.P. Love­craft.

→ Our top tweet­er of 2013, Simon James, con­tin­ues to make us chuck­le:

→ And, inspired by this clas­sic, we Tweet­ed this:

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  1. That cov­er has turned out to be a Rorschach test as much as any­thing. Every obser­va­tion I have read includ­ing my own has been an affir­ma­tion of the observers prej­u­dices and wish­es. My take away is almost an embar­rass­ment, a dis­com­fort that I am even slight­ly affect­ed by it giv­en the range from pom­pos­i­ty to anger against oth­ers that it has evoked.

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