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Christmas Opening Hours

And that’s it: we’re shutting down for a week or so as we head off to spend Christmas with our families.

We’ll no doubt be Tweeting anything beer- or pub-related that catches our eye and also updating our Facebook page, but we’re going to give the blogging a rest.

In the meantime, there are some posts from the 2014 archive that you might want to give a second look listed below.

Thanks for reading in 2014 and merry Christmas to you all!

Lots of Comments
  1. Trans-Atlantic Collaboration Woes — a response to Matt Curtis’s surprisingly controversial post about Wetherspoon’s and craft beer.
  2. Beer, Beer Everywhere — we observed an American craft beer drinker struggling to find a beer he could enjoy in an English pub.
  3. Where the Boddies is Buried — a long post in which we consider the decline of a beer once beloved of geeks and bitterness junkies.
  4. Pretentious and Complicated — is there a middle ground between pretentious craft beer that’s probably too complicated for the likes of you, and ‘macro gak’?
  5. Revisiting the Spread of Craft Beer — back in January, we took stock of how far the idea had spread outside the ‘urban beer bubble’.
Read by Lots of People
  1. Gangs and Cliques in British Beer — are you part of the crafterati, an extremophile, or just a straight-up bitter drinker?
  2. Not as British as it Looks — we tried to get to the bottom of where exactly Camden Hells is brewed.
  3. BrewDog are the Big Dog — though we’re not fully-paid-up cult members, we think BrewDog is important and interesting.
  4. Alternate Spoons in the Craft Continuum — what we made of the Wetherspoon chain’s craft beer makeover.
  5. Golden Pints 2014 — our top beers, bars, blogs and books.

Illustration from the Roxburghe Ballads.

A Pox upon the Round-head curs! / Come, bring more Christmas beer!

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Happy Christmas Ray and Jessica, maybe 2015 will be the year I finally catch you guys for a pint somewhere. (Though I doubt it’ll be over my side of the water!)

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