News, Nuggets & Longreads 31/01/2015

It’s Saturday morning and time for our usual round-up of beer-related news and links from around the internet.

→ Are pubs closing because there are more Muslims in Britain? Patrick Worrall at Channel 4 News’s ‘Fact Check’ reckons, on balance, probably not:

[A] rising Muslim population would only affect the national pub industry if it meant there were a lot more non-drinkers around, but it seems that there are more drinkers in Britain than there were 30 years ago. And economics, not demographics, appear to explain the ups and downs best.

(Via @melissacole.)

→ The Centre for Public Health at Liverpool John Moore’s University published a report into role of Facebook and other social media (SNS) in young people’s drinking habits, a handy summary of which is here:

Displaying Facebook alcohol content was a normal and routine aspect of young peoples’ drinking experiences and such content was popular among peers, receiving positive feedback and appraisal. Crucially, SNS appear to act as an extension of the space in which symbolic meaning can be created from the display of cultural drinking capital through SNS content such as photographs and statuses.

(Via @jamesqnicholls.)

→ The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has announced that British beer sales are up for the first time in a  decade, increasing by 1.3 per cent in 2014.

→ BrewDog has launched a new distribution division by signing an exclusive deal with Stone Brewing of San Diego, as reported by the Morning Advertiser.

→ Stan Hieronymus has been sharing nuggets from the American Hop Convention and the Hop Growers of America annual statistical report, such as the news that ‘Cascade production in its primary area of production surpassed Saaz in its primary area of production‘.

→ Ghost Drinker has been putting snow to good use by making imperial stout slushies.

→ Ron Pattinson raided the Adnams archives recently which means he has discovering things like early evidence of dark(ened) mild.

→ RateBeer has published its ‘Best’ lists for 2015.

→ Oliver J. Gray is writing a serialised called December 1919 about a young man who inherits a brewery — Chapter 1 is up now.

→ This was kind of fun:

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