Ten Beers to Try Before You Die!

Death Desires a Beer. (Collage.)

The one you drink straight from the bot­tle, straight from the fridge, after work on a hot day.

The one a rel­a­tive or friend buys you as a token of repressed but deeply-felt affec­tion.

The one you have with break­fast at a grot­ty rail­way sta­tion or air­port bar before embark­ing on an adven­ture.

The one that you don’t real­ly want at the end of a night but drink any­way because you’re hav­ing too much fun to leave.

The one you drink on Sun­day after­noon in front of the fire with a gale blow­ing out­side, dur­ing a pow­er cut.

The one you order to annoy a snooty wait­er in a restau­rant where they real­ly think you ought to be drink­ing wine.

The one you have at lunchtime on a week day, while read­ing the paper, on a day off.

The one that tastes espe­cial­ly good about 72 hours after a ter­ri­ble hang­over.

The one you final­ly man­age to open with your front door key after 15 min­utes, hav­ing for­got­ten to bring a bot­tle open­er.

The one you’re right in the mid­dle of enjoy­ing when you die.

We wrote this on our Face­book page back in 2013 but want­ed to give it a more per­ma­nent home here on the blog.