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VIDEO: Trussing the Cooper, 1956

Filmed at Whitbread’s brewery in the City of London, and part of the vast British Pathé library available on YouTube:

Jim Elliott of Dagenham is put into a barrel and covered with dirty water and a barrel of “muck”. The workers hammer the sides of the barrel, laughing at the apprentice who is black from the water and muck… Women shriek with laughter as the poor boy is rolled around inside the barrel and generally mistreated.

2 replies on “VIDEO: Trussing the Cooper, 1956”

Did you notice the ‘hipster’ in the woolly hat? Are there no lengths to which these people won’t go in their so-called quest for so-called craft so-called beer?

Jim Elliott of Dagenham (Essex). Could he be possibly with us..? I’d guess he’d be not even 80. His memories would be invaluable on numerous fronts, his craft, beer production of the era, palate vs. today, etc. This is not quite ancient history, but the survivors of this time are not getting any younger..


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