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In an article for All About Beer, American writer Jeff Alworth said: ‘If you read the English beer blogs, you’ll find mention of cask ale is nearly absent.’

He’s read­ing the wrong blogs, then, we thought, and came up with this read­ing list of peo­ple who most­ly write about cask-con­di­tioned beer con­sumed in the pub.

Before we get to the links, though, it’s worth not­ing that we do think Jeff might be broad­ly right: the blog­gers we’ve sug­gest­ed below are all on the… erm… expe­ri­enced side, and while younger blog­gers do write about cask-con­di­tioned beer, it does seem that it’s not often what that gets them excit­ed.


A long-time Cam­paign for Real Ale activist based in Man­ches­ter, Tan­dle­man is proud to say that he rarely drinks beer at home, and rarely touch­es keg beer when he’s out. With expe­ri­ence in pub cel­lars and man­ag­ing fes­ti­val bars, he under­stands the tech­ni­cal ins-and-outs of cask ale bet­ter than most, and a recur­ring theme on his blog is the gen­er­al­ly poor con­di­tion in which he finds it in Lon­don pubs.

Tandleman screenshot.

Sam­ple quote: ‘There is noth­ing more vex­ing than cough­ing up the best part of four quid for a pint in Lon­don (or any­where to be fair) and then find­ing it warm enough to poach an egg in.’

Paul Bailey (no relation)

While not dog­mat­ic about cask vs. keg, Paul has been a CAMRA mem­ber since the 1970s and writes fre­quent­ly about his mem­o­ries of drink­ing cask-con­di­tioned beer over the course of four decades, as well as pro­vid­ing first-hand com­men­tary on the con­tem­po­rary scene such as this piece on Doom Bar.Paul Bailey screenshot.

Oh Good Ale

Anoth­er Man­ches­ter-based blog­ger and CAMRA loy­al­ist, Phil is an aca­d­e­m­ic by day and so knows how to string a sen­tence togeth­er. He is out­spo­ken in his praise of cask-con­di­tioned beer and, despite repeat­ed efforts to ‘get’ what it is peo­ple see in it, an intel­li­gent crit­ic of mod­ern kegged craft beer, and espe­cial­ly the way it is priced and mar­ket­ed.

Sam­ple quote: ‘The answer to the ques­tion, I hon­est­ly believe, is “because any giv­en beer is bet­ter from a cask than a keg (or bot­tle, or can)”.’

7 thoughts on “Cask-focused UK Beer Blogs”

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  2. Thanks for the men­tion, you two. I like the term “On the expe­ri­enced side”!

    ps. I echo Mudge’s con­cern about Red­Nev. I had the plea­sure of meet­ing him at the CAMRA Mem­bers’ Week­end (AGM) in Nor­wich, back in 2013. We haven’t heard from him for some time, although he did have a pre­vi­ous episode of extend­ed silence due to com­put­er prob­lems.

    Hope he’s OK, us “expe­ri­enced” Blog­gers need to look out for each oth­er!

    1. We were wor­ried and asked Tan­dle­man about Nev a while back, so he texted him: he’s fine, but his com­put­er is indeed bro­ken again!

  3. If noth­ing else, the post seems to have caused some pas­sion­ate dis­cus­sion among a few folks over there. I got two extreme­ly gen­tle dis­sents from a gent at the Ker­nel today. It reminds me how, err, pas­sion­ate Amer­i­cans usu­al­ly are.

  4. Cheers!

    It’s true that I first dis­cov­ered beer a long time ago – some time in the mid-70s – but I feel like I’ve dis­cov­ered it again sev­er­al times since then – when I first tried Chi­may (cir­ca 1990), when I first tried these ‘ere new-style pale’n’op­py beers (cir­ca 2000), when I actu­al­ly got into the said pale’n’op­py beers (cir­ca 2010)… Per­haps around 2020 I’ll get into these ‘ere new­fan­gled craft keg things, but for now I still feel like I got it pret­ty much right the first time (Lon­don Pride and Buck­ley’s Bit­ter).

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