Londorval & Landlorval

Caps from Timothy Taylor Landlord, London Pride and Orval.

Last night, we blended funky Trappist pale ale Orval with two classic British best bitters, Fuller’s London Pride and Timothy Taylor’s Landlord.

Our think­ing was that mix­ing beers with some­what sim­i­lar char­ac­ter­is­tics – pale malts, old-school Euro­pean hop vari­eties –would add com­plex­i­ty through sub­tly har­monies.

We poured around three-quar­ters of a pint of each British beer and topped up to a pint with Orval.

First impres­sions were not good. Both blends gained a Granny Smith char­ac­ter that was most pro­nounced in ‘Lon­dor­val’. That is a com­po­nent of Orval’s flavour, yes, but, watered down, as it were, it became a grat­ing, insis­tent irri­ta­tion.

Bot­tled Land­lord isn’t a favourite of ours but, of the two, ‘Land­lor­val’ was the bet­ter blend. Still, as the pint pro­gressed, it began to seem ever more thinned out and gut­ted like… This might sound sil­ly, but like a pint of Wor­thing­ton Cream Flow from a keg that’s been sit­ting around for months in a hotel bar.

So, there you go: Orval does­n’t improve every beer to which you add it after all.

We can’t promise that this will be the last time we blend beers with Orval but it will prob­a­bly be the last such exper­i­ment we both­er writ­ing up. If you come across a good com­bo, let us know.

4 thoughts on “Londorval & Landlorval”

  1. If you do find an out­stand­ing blend do please blog again oth­er­wise I agree we prob dont need a set of ‘nope that one did­nt work either ’ blogs. If I get chance a few oral blends do sound fun but needs right pub – look­ing for some­where with cask op that sells orval.

  2. Inter­est­ing. I think quite pos­si­bly the pas­teur­ized British beers (after all, a form of keg) just won’t work with a bot­tle-con­di­tioned beer. I would do the same but with White Shield or any oth­er avail­able “live” British bot­tled pale.


  3. Please con­tin­ue to post as you like. Beer peo­ple have issues with analy­sis. I do not want to pre­de­ter­mine what is inter­est­ing to you. We only learn through fail­ure. The grass is always green­er. My brain hurts.

    1. Agreed and anoth­er idea, if you can bring a can (growler) of draught in from a pub or off-license, pour in some Orval. Then tip into two pint glass­es.

      Car­bon­a­tion will only help, and pos­si­bly the very light brett will enhance the beer with­out sig­nif­i­cant­ly chang­ing it.


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