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100 Words: Not The Same Again

Mr Turner is right‘The biggest influence in whether someone has a second pint is the quality of their first.’ 

Sometimes, you mean to have one beer and end up having four because you don’t know when you’ll next taste something so perfect.

More often, though, you have one and, though there’s nothing wrong with it, not that you could complain about, not that you can put your finger on, that awkward first date is as far as it ever goes.

Not ordering a second pint is just about the most passive protest a customer can make.

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It also depends what else is available. If I go to a pub that has 10 different beers, 5 of which I would like to try, it would have to be an utterly amazing beer to make me order 2 in a row rather than try one of the others.

However, if there’s only one decent beer on….

I think the age of “ticking” hasn’t helped that though. Some people will check out the taps, have a half of something they haven’t had before and then move on. It’s galling to me, but each to their own. I personally prefer getting comfortable in a pub and ordering multiple pints, but I must admit that since having a child, I will often just have the one and then leave!

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