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The Ram Brewery, London

A short film by the 1000 Londoners project: “John Hatch is a passionate connoisseur of beer and brewing. From a very young age he worked for the award-winning Young’s which brewed its beer at The Ram, the oldest brewery in the country, with records going back to 1533.”

WARNING: Contains scenes of pewter tankard use which some viewers may find disturbing.

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Interesting video clip here but I couldn’t quite follow the meaning. Is it that he used to work for Young’s Brewery and has now set up a mini-brewery making beers to the same recipes Young had used? What was the “1910” all about?

Aimable chap with an interesting drawl, it didn’t sound like a London-area accent but I’m no expert on such things. One thing I find when you listen to certain English accents is, if you are half-concentrating for a moment you think you are listening to an American, it might be from Boston, or the south or as in this case a southwestern accent such a rancher might have. You can tell that the basis of American English is British and it’s sometimes only a remove or two away. Kind of like American IPA to the original.


To save confusion I have just Tweeted an image of the Brewing Book on @rambrewery. It is the leather bound ledger where the details of each brew are recorded and the format has remained largely unchanged for over a century.

1910 refers to the format and layout of the brewing logs.

He was a brewer at Young’s who, since the company merged with Wells and moved to Bedford, has kept a small setup going on the site in Wandsworth in order to maintain an unbroken history of brewing until such time as a proper commercial micro-brewery can be built, which has long been the plan of the property developer.

I’m not sure what his accent is — generic South East of England middle class, I’d say, but then there’s the odd word where he sounds as if he might be from the North or Midlands.

Okay great, thanks. Very worthy project. The Young’s beers as I recall them years before the sale were wonderful and it is good the tradition is being maintained.


The accent’s south-east outer London with a tiny bit of West Country in it – it’s like the Reading accent you hear from Stephen Merchant or Ricky Gervais, only less so. Maybe he’s from Brentford. Come to that, Wandsworth itself is on the West side of London – maybe it’s actually a local accent.

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