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All the #BeeryLongreads from February 2015

Once again, several other bloggers joined us in ‘going long’. Here are all the posts we spotted and considered eligible.

Keg: All Tied Up’ by Yvan Seth
2000 words
A beer distributor explains some of the politics behind the scenes which mean that a handful of breweries have the ‘craft’ keg market sewn up.

Every Beer Has Its Place: The Rise of Bexley Brewery’ by Steve 1500 words
So deep into South East London that it’s actually in Kent, Bexley is home to a micro-brewery producing amazing beer.

Cascade: A Study in Hop Terroir’ by Stan Hieronymus
1400 words
‘Conducting a study during the 2010 hop harvest in the Willamette Valley, researchers at Oregon State University’s Shellhammer Lab discovered something outside of the focus of the trials…’

Making Diastatic Brown Malt’ by Ed Wray
1500 words
How can modern brewers go about recreating a long-lost style of malt that was once essential to the taste of British beer?

‘The Distance: All of the People, All of the Time’ by Chris Hall
1800 words
When beer lovers from beyond our shores and outside the self-affirming bubble visit the UK, they are astonished to see how much the British beer scene has changed.

‘A Little Less Conversation’ by Matthew Lawrenson
1500 words
A personal account of an awkward social situation in a favoured pub.

‘Can Mavericks Brewing Ride the Wave of Low-Alcohol Craft Beer?’ by Derrick Peterman
2000 words
Maverick’s is an American brewery founded by Pete ‘Wicked Ales’ Slosberg that produces mostly beers with an unusually low 3.75% alcohol by volume.

‘An Introduction to Beer in Essex’ by Justin Mason
2200 words
The co-founder of the Beer East Anglia project summarises the history of brewing in his home county and gives a view of the state it’s in today, with conservative drinkers and publicans rubbing up against brewers interested in pushing the boundaries.

‘Williams Bros: Craft Before it was a Thing’ by Boak & Bailey
2600 words
The quintessentially Scottish brewery Williams Bros began its life in 1988 when an elderly woman walked into a home-brewing supply shop in Glasgow with a recipe for heather ale.

This would usually be where we’d set a date for next time but we’ve decided that this will be the last round of #BeeryLongReads for the time being, for various reasons. Thanks to everyone who’s taken part since September 2013, and to those who’ve found the time to reward writers’ efforts by reading their work.

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