All the #BeeryLongreads from February 2015

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Once again, several other bloggers joined us in ‘going long’. Here are all the posts we spotted and considered eligible.

Keg: All Tied Up’ by Yvan Seth
2000 words
A beer dis­trib­u­tor explains some of the pol­i­tics behind the scenes which mean that a hand­ful of brew­eries have the ‘craft’ keg mar­ket sewn up.

Every Beer Has Its Place: The Rise of Bex­ley Brew­ery’ by Steve 1500 words
So deep into South East Lon­don that it’s actu­al­ly in Kent, Bex­ley is home to a micro-brew­ery pro­duc­ing amaz­ing beer.

Cas­cade: A Study in Hop Ter­roir’ by Stan Hierony­mus
1400 words
‘Con­duct­ing a study dur­ing the 2010 hop har­vest in the Willamette Val­ley, researchers at Ore­gon State University’s Shell­ham­mer Lab dis­cov­ered some­thing out­side of the focus of the tri­als…’

Mak­ing Diasta­t­ic Brown Malt’ by Ed Wray
1500 words
How can mod­ern brew­ers go about recre­at­ing a long-lost style of malt that was once essen­tial to the taste of British beer?

The Dis­tance: All of the Peo­ple, All of the Time’ by Chris Hall
1800 words
When beer lovers from beyond our shores and out­side the self-affirm­ing bub­ble vis­it the UK, they are aston­ished to see how much the British beer scene has changed.

A Lit­tle Less Con­ver­sa­tion’ by Matthew Lawren­son
1500 words
A per­son­al account of an awk­ward social sit­u­a­tion in a favoured pub.

Can Mav­er­icks Brew­ing Ride the Wave of Low-Alco­hol Craft Beer?’ by Der­rick Peter­man
2000 words
Mav­er­ick­’s is an Amer­i­can brew­ery found­ed by Pete ‘Wicked Ales’ Slos­berg that pro­duces most­ly beers with an unusu­al­ly low 3.75% alco­hol by vol­ume.

An Intro­duc­tion to Beer in Essex’ by Justin Mason
2200 words
The co-founder of the Beer East Anglia project sum­maris­es the his­to­ry of brew­ing in his home coun­ty and gives a view of the state it’s in today, with con­ser­v­a­tive drinkers and pub­li­cans rub­bing up against brew­ers inter­est­ed in push­ing the bound­aries.

Williams Bros: Craft Before it was a Thing’ by Boak & Bai­ley
2600 words
The quin­tes­sen­tial­ly Scot­tish brew­ery Williams Bros began its life in 1988 when an elder­ly woman walked into a home-brew­ing sup­ply shop in Glas­gow with a recipe for heather ale.

This would usu­al­ly be where we’d set a date for next time but we’ve decid­ed that this will be the last round of #Beery­Lon­gReads for the time being, for var­i­ous rea­sons. Thanks to every­one who’s tak­en part since Sep­tem­ber 2013, and to those who’ve found the time to reward writ­ers’ efforts by read­ing their work.

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