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GALLERY: More Brewing Aristocrats

These pictures of British brewing bigwigs all come from the 1900 Licensed Victuallers’ Year Book and follow on from this post from last June.

Mr Sampson Hanbury, business partner of Benjamin ‘Ben’ Truman from 1780. (To be played by Michael Douglas in the upcoming HBO feature film ‘Behind the Mash Tun’.)
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton.  (Nephew of Sampson Hanbury, and the Buxton in Truman, Hanbury & Buxton.)
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton. (Nephew of Sampson Hanbury, and the Buxton in Truman, Hanbury & Buxton; really did not want to pose for this portrait, or could smell gas at the time it was being drawn.)

Mr Edward Ind, founder of Ind Coope. (A dead ringer for Peter Cushing.)
Mr Howard Tripp, joint managing director of Ind Coope, Burton-on-Trent, in 1900. (Pictured here with his invisible wife, seated.)
Mr George Littel Blackhall, joint managing-director of Ind Coope in 1900, and Mayor of Burton-on-Trent. (Very proud of his watch.)
Mr E. Jesser Coope, Ind Coope. (A candidate for My Daguerreotype Boyfriend and a bit of a hipster.)
Mr Archibald Weyland Ruggles Brise, Director at Ind Coope. (Has the look of a bounder about him.)

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We need official ten year’s service to beer blogging caps like young Jesser’s there if only to tell us apart in crowds. I will mention this to the Executive Director.

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