News, Nuggets & Longreads 14/03/2015

It’s Saturday morning and time for a heaping helping of beer-related links.

→ For tech news website Mashable Sam Laird provided a profile of Lagunitas entitled ‘Of Beer and Weed‘:

The joint, according to those present, was colossal: eight inches long, unwieldy, about the circumference of a dime. Legend goes it had to be constructed using special papers and a bamboo sushi roller.

(Via Longform.)

→ High street wine chain Oddbins is opening a specialist beer shop in South East London. (Via @beertoday.)

→ The London Fields Brewery saga rumbles on: the beer is now to be made in Lincolnshire and Sussex.

→ Jeff ‘Stonch’ Bell gave us evidence that the tribal divides between ‘craft’ and ‘traditional’ beer drinkers is not necessarily reflected in the relationships brewers have with each other.

→ For Mixology, Peter Eichhorn considered the state of German ‘craft beer’ (as in the American-inspired new wave) in 2015:

For now, every new start-up is still celebrated by the craft fan base. “Great, the brand is small, ‘crafty’, we love you!” But what does it taste like? Often enough that doesn’t seem to matter much at first. 2015 will be the year when… we can honestly say, “This beer is badly made and it tastes awful”.

→ Lars Marius Garshol’s dander is up: farmhouse ale wasn’t invented in France and Belgium, and it doesn’t just mean any old beer that happens to be brewed on a farm: ‘A key point in understanding farmhouse ale is that it’s people brewing for themselves, from their own ingredients, using the tools and techniques they inherited from their ancestors.’

→ For lifestyle magazine Gear Patrol Chris Wright has compiled an oral history of craft beer label design. (Via @PipinoilBrewer.)

→ Phipps NBC’s neon sign restoration project is coming along nicely:

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Just a small point, I guess, but Stephan and Logan are brewery owners rather than brewers. That’s not to say neither can brew, but that’s not what they spend their days doing.

he’s right, like. Although I know for sure Stephan pitches in on the brewing front. Whether he’s a help or hinderance is another question…

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