Sun Trap

Near the end of last year’s wonderfully elongated summer, we managed to make like we were on holiday and sit outside the Yacht Inn in Penzance drinking lager on a still, warm evening in late September.

The memory of that perfect moment got us through a gloomy winter until, last Sunday, we welcomed Spring by returning to the same table in the same pub for a few Spanish-style cañas of St Austell’s increasingly impressive Korev.

The pub, a pleasingly modest bit of provincial art deco, is painted white, while the granite walls of the public garden across the road (complete with palm trees) break the breeze from the sea, giving that particular spot, around that one rickety iron table, the same dry, baking heat as a square in Seville even on a fairly cool day.

It was nice to drink cold beer, get warm through to our bones, and feel our foreheads turning just a little pink.

Bring on the summer — we’re ready.

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I enjoyed many a Korev when on holiday in Perranporth last July. A very accomplished lager and perfect for sunny day drinking. I’d love to see it for sale in London.

I think some Nicholson’s pubs have Korev. I definitely saw it in one in Manchester last week and I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted it in London too.

I know what you mean.
54 days and 20 pounds in weight ago I had my last alcoholic drink promising myself I’d have my next one at 5pm on April 7th watching the sun go down sat on my favourite bar stool at the Postcard Inn Beach Bar in St Pete’s Beach,Florida.
That’s when my summer starts followed a few days later by sinking tasteless ice-cold Caribbean lager watching the cricket in Antigua.
Only 12 more days.The longest I’ve been off the drink since I was too young to buy it over four decades ago.
How DO people live their lives without drink I keep asking myself.

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