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VIDEO: Called It!

We wouldn’t normally share contrived wannabe-viral videos from breweries, especially big ones — someone, somewhere will be counting this, with glee, as ‘engagement’ — but as it’s a rare case of us getting a prediction right (item 5), we felt compelled.

What are they saying here? That the product is actually pretty inoffensive and more culturally significant than people give credit for (probably true) and that, more importantly, most of us bullshitters can’t really tell the difference anyway (maybe somewhat true).

(Via @Ben_T_Johnson.)

One reply on “VIDEO: Called It!”

I think I’d like to see all the footage before I make any judgments. Blind tastings do humble us all, but Bud is radically different from hoppy American ales. This is a time-honored tradition in American advertising, where “real customers” are surprised by some product or another. (In this case, I think they are real customers, I just don’t think they’re the kind who will eschew their Sierra Nevadas in a blind tasting of Bud.)

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