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‘Back of a Beer Mat’: a Free e-Book

We’ve taken some of our favourite, more substantial posts from the last few years, tidied them up, and put them together as a free e-book, Back of a Beer Mat: Bits from the Blogavailable via Smashwords.

'Back of a Beer Mat' cover design.If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there won’t be much that’s new to you, although the introduction is exclusive, and there are a couple of ‘bonus tracks’ — that is, articles which have appeared elsewhere.

It contains 18,500 words in total which makes it about  a quarter of the length of Brew Britannia, and the two formats available (‘mobi’ and ‘epub’) should work with most readers and apps.

We hope it might be of interest to people who don’t cotton to reading on computer screens and so might not otherwise have discovered us but, as it’s free, you’d be daft not to download a copy in case you find yourself stuck for something to read on a train journey or while waiting for someone in the pub.

(And of course we’d really appreciate it if you can tell your friends, share the link via Twitter and Facebook, and so on.)