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GALLERY: With the Lads c.1974

This set of colourful beer mats from Cameron’s of Hartlepool from c.1974 offers an interesting glimpse into attitudes of the recent past.

Cameron's beer mat: 'There's a bias towards "Strongarm"' --  crown green bowls.
Roy Orbison on the set of The Glitterball (1977).

Cameron's beer mat: '"Strongarm" and darts with the lads' -- men playing darts.
Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter chuck a few arrows at Tosche Station.
Cameron's beer mat: 'Cameron's Best Bitter and dominoes with the lads' -- a man plays darts.
Out of shot, two Action Man dolls and a teddy bear, AKA ‘the lads’.
Cameron's beer mat: '"Strongarm" and a round with the lads' -- a man playing golf.
Not for the first time, Rod Hull attempts to murder Emu.
Cameron's beer mat: '"Strongarm" and squash -- what a team' -- a man plays squash.
Having forgotten his kit, Peter Bowles is forced to do P.E. in his vest and pants.

We’ve just acquired an enormous, unsorted collection of beer mats from the 1960s to the 1980s so expect a few more galleries like this.

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Fantastic! When kept well, a hand-pulled pint of Strongarm is one of the true pleasures of trips home to the north-east.

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