News, Nuggets & Longreads 09/05/2015

Breakfast Illustration: Bacon Butty.

It seems rather trivial to be thinking, reading and writing about beer in the week of a general election but life goes on, so here are the beer-related highlights of the last seven days.

→ For CPL Train­ing, Phil Mel­lows made an impor­tant point in typ­i­cal­ly mea­sured terms: drink­ing is nor­mal.

It is pos­si­ble to drink too much, or at the wrong time or place. Cer­tain bound­aries are built into the rit­u­als them­selves, oth­ers are imposed from out­side… But we can’t start by telling peo­ple what they’re doing isn’t nor­mal. They’re like­ly to look at you in a fun­ny way and car­ry on.

→ Jeff ‘Beer­vana’ Alworth wrote about his­toric cock­tails and mix­es con­tain­ing beer for All About Beer:

Beer doesn’t need rum and fire to improve it; on the oth­er hand, beer can add some­thing to a cock­tail oth­er ingre­di­ents can’t. Don’t think of them as adul­ter­at­ed beer; think of them as enhanced cock­tails.

→ Beaver­town, Cam­den, Brew­Dog and Mag­ic Rock have formed the Unit­ed Craft Brew­ers’ Asso­ci­a­tion, as report­ed by Daniel Neil­son at Orig­i­nal Grav­i­ty and expand­ed upon by Brew­Dog here. We don’t know if this is real­ly sig­nif­i­cant or not – only time will tell – but it cer­tain­ly makes explic­it the exis­tence of an ‘in-crowd’ we all knew was there.

→ Justin Mason con­tin­ued to shine a light on the brew­ing scene in his home coun­ty with this pro­file of Ian Chisholm’s Essex Brew­ing Com­pa­ny:

Not con­tent with an indoor brew­ery, he wants to have an out­door brew­ery too with demon­stra­tions of ‘hot-rock’ brew­ing on a semi-cov­ered out­door area also able to stage bar­be­cues and beer fes­ti­vals.

(Yes, this piece is real­ly an oppor­tu­ni­ty for a busi­ness­man to put across his PR pitch, but every sin­gle blog post doesn’t have to be ‘chal­leng­ing’.)

CAMRA vet­er­an Paul Bai­ley (no rela­tion) asked, first, if it’s worth try­ing to save mild and, if so, why do it in May? And then, in a fol­low-up piece, recalled his expe­ri­ences of drink­ing mild over the decades, con­clud­ing that ‘there is noth­ing wrong with the basic for­mu­la­tion of mild; just its strength’.

'Saccharomyces pooled' by Sui Generis.
‘Sac­cha­romyces, from a pool of 10 colonies.’ SOURCE: Sui Gener­is Brew­ing.

→ Next lev­el home brew­ing geek­ery: the author of Sui Gener­is Brew­ing blog explained how to use ‘streak plates’ and a micro­scope to har­vest pure yeast strains from con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed sam­ples.

→ We’re pleased to see our Orval blend­ing exper­i­ments from ear­li­er in the year con­tin­u­ing to bear fruit:

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  1. Have you tried mix­ing Orval with slight­ly OTT dou­ble IPAs? We mixed it 50–50 with Jaipur X the oth­er week, and the results were pret­ty excel­lent.

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