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We’re on our travels so this is a scheduled post. If a major British craft brewer got bought by a multi-national on Friday, apologies for the omission.

Detail from map of Norway showing distribution of grains typically used in brewing.

Lars Marius Garshol continues to mine the data he’s been collecting on farmhouse brewing in Norway, this time looking at which grains were typically used in which parts of the country in the 1950s.

→ Via @Ben_T_Johnson, who is quoted in the article, Jason Proctor considered everyone’s favourite faux craft beer Blue Moon and what the recent class action suit brought against MillerCoors means. This is the best bit:

“There is the question of ‘So what? They purchased the beer, they received the beer, they drank the beer. What’s the big deal?'” says Parent’s lawyer, James Treglio.

“The big deal is: ‘Yeah, but they charged more for it.'”

The lawsuit claims identifying Blue Moon as a craft beer allows MillerCoors to charge up to 50 per cent more for the beer than its other products.

Adapted from an image at Flowing Data.
Adapted from an image at Flowing Data.

→ Flowing Data (via @lisagrimm) has a script for generating beer recipe from US regional demographic data — a bit silly, but why not?

Bronx was lighter in color and really hoppy in an unbalanced sort of way, which translates to low income and high population density. An unbalanced beer.

→ There is a new edition of Des de Moor’s CAMRA guide to London pubs out now and he’s accompanied it with a lengthy post surveying the brewing scene as it was in the city in 1971 when CAMRA was founded.

→ Frequent blog commenter Gary Gillman has written a 1000-word essay recounting his career in beer drinking in Canada and elsewhere:

The draft beer in taverns was just “draft”, no one cared or asked about the type or source. Some men ordered bottled beer “tablette”, meaning not chilled, which I found odd but it wasn’t uncommon especially in the long winters there. Some added salt to the beer, which magically raised the head.

→ Alan McLeod highlighted the existence of a beer brewed using water harvested from fog — wonder if it’s cloudy?

→ And, finally, one of our own Tweets:

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The wilful blindness in that CBC article is stunning. As if Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada don’t make much the same markup as the makers of Blue Moon. Some folk need to learn how to read annual general meeting reports on big bulk craft.

“On The Coast beer columnist Rebecca Whyman says people have a right to know where their beer comes from.”

If they were actually interested, about 10 seconds with Google would have told them blue moon was owned by molson coors. It’s not like molson coors were sneaking kegs into the bluemoon brewery in the middle of this night.

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