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VIDEO: Home Brewing — On the House (1947)

The Golden Lion, Southwick, Hampshire: ‘In austerity Britain, this is one pub that never goes dry.’

From British Pathé on YouTube. (Note the glasses in the pub at the end: lots of dimpled mugs.)

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That’s very good clip, with clear shots of beer in pint glasses, half-pints (appears to be a stout), and half-pint pewter mug.

In the different shots, the beer appears to be a little hazy, perhaps this was more acceptable at the home brew houses than from commercial breweries. But otherwise the pulls and way the beer heads up is the same as is still done today at least for traditional English beer. The cooling tank appears to have been the old-fashioned type exposed to the ambient air (no Baudelot). I wonder what the beer was like…


The only pub that brewed its own beer? Intriguing. You say Frank Baillie said there were nine in 1970 – did he list them?

Either Pathe got that wrong or they all paused during the war and this was the first to get going again. Baillie lists as still active in 1973:

* All Nations
* Blue Anchor
* Mrs Pardoe’s
* Three Tuns
* Traquair

And recently closed:

* Druids Head, Coseley
* Nag’s Head, Belper
* Britannia Inn, Loughborough
* Friary Hotel, Derby

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