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GALLERY: Pubs of Settle & Giggleswick, N. Yorks

We’ve just spent a week in Giggleswick/Settle which, for its size, has plenty of decent pubs. Our favourite was the Talbot Arms, of which more later, but here’s a quick look at all the others.

The Golden Lion (far left) and Thirteen (right).
High Street, Settle, with the Golden Lion to the far left and Thirteen (with red CAMRA banner) to the right.
Doorway and signs at Thirteen.
Thirteen — almost a micropub, but not quite — advertises its offer. (Note: buy six pints, keep the receipts, and get a seventh free.)

Doorway entrance to the Golden Lion.
The sign of the Golden Lion.
Royal Oak, Country Inn & Dining.
The Royal Oak, Settle High Street, feat. Toad of Toad Hall.
The beer range at the Royal Oak on our visit. (Bad smartphone photo…)
The Harts Head Hotel, Giggleswick, which still has two distinct bars with their own doors, as well as a dining room.
The Craven Arms near Giggleswick Station, i.e. on a road junction in the middle of nowhere.
The Black Horse -- exterior.
The Black Horse, Giggleswick, with Tim Taylor’s Golden Best and (weirdly) Edwardian porn on the walls of the Gents toilet.
Being a free house, the Black Horse was festooned with signs from various breweries, and its business cards advertise ‘ales from Timothy Taylor, Joshua Tetley and John Smith’.
Stained glass window -- flower design.
Stained glass inside the Black Horse.
Talbot Arms sign: a white dog in hunting pose.
The stylish sign of the Talbot Arms, both modern and heraldic.
Settle Social Club sign.
For completeness, the sign of Settle Social Club, featuring a familiar piece of 1960s clip art.
Talbot Arms sign: a white dog in hunting pose.
The stylish sign of the Talbot Arms, both modern and heraldic.

3 replies on “GALLERY: Pubs of Settle & Giggleswick, N. Yorks”

It was actually the nearest pub to where we were staying and we went in twice — first time (Sunday), rammed; second time (weeknight), dead. We rather liked it but the beer wasn’t, to be honest, in tip top condition.

We visited the Harts Head Inn last mid-Oct on an early and quiet Friday. The barman was quite friendly, quickly sussing us out as Yanks, he was happy to explain the ale lineup. I thought I noticed a hint of disappointment in his face when I ordered a pint of Tetley’s, though it was nicely poured and in a proper glass. All in all, a lovely way to enjoy their sunny beer garden on an Autumn afternoon.

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