News, Nuggets & Longreads 20/06/2015

It’s Saturday so (after taking last week off) it’s time for our usual round-up of links and news.

→ Barm wrote about the death of a veteran brewer:

When I first met Iain he had already been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had been featured in the press as the brewer who’s brewed his last beer with the proceeds going towards a cancer charity… Iain had actually brewed his “last” beer several times, having neglected to die when the doctors had predicted he would.

→ And Roger Protz provided an obituary of Reg Drury, the influential former head brewer at Fuller’s:

It was widely believed in the industry [in the 1970s] that cask beer couldn’t be brewed in conicals because top-fermenting ale yeast would mutate into bottom-fermenting lager yeast, settling at the base of the vessels. Reg Drury was determined to save Fuller’s cask beers… Reg analysed the new vessels and came to the conclusion that if you adjusted temperatures and regularly used fresh batches of ale yeast it would be perfectly possible to produce cask beer in them.

→ Aaron Stein at Whatchudrinkin? offered a short but illumating comparison of Anchor Liberty, an American-style IPA first brewed in 1975, and the same brewery’s attempt to bring the style up to modern standards of hoppiness: ‘If Liberty Ale was once intense, Anchor IPA would have been nigh undrinkable.’

→ American brewery Jester King is using green bottles in an attempt to replicate the light-strike they believe is a key characteristic of Saison Dupont. Stan Hieronymus shared the announcement in full, with commentary.

The round-up of the 100th beer blogging session has been posted by Reuben Gray and some of the entries this time round were absolute crackers.

→ Jeff ‘Stonch’ Bell visited the new brewery tap room of Howling Hops’ in Hackney, East London, where the beer is served directly from conditioning tanks. (He liked the idea, not so much the execution.)

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Thanks for the link – you have overtaken Tandleman as my top referrer today (judging solely by the referrals I get, Tandleman’s blog is read by more people than all the other beer blogs put together – it must be his boyish charm).

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