A Month Off

Whitbread IPA, 1935 -- fooling around by the river.

We’re taking a month off and will be back in August.

As per our own advice, we need to recharge our beer blog­ging bat­ter­ies and con­cen­trate on some non-beer-relat­ed projects for a few weeks so we’re not going to post any­thing here at all.

The 11,000+ word essay we’ve just put up is about equiv­a­lent to a mon­th’s-worth of blog­ging at any rate. You might notice that com­ments on that post are dis­abled – that’s because we won’t be around to mod­er­ate them. If you’ve got an impor­tant cor­rec­tion to make, or it prompts any burn­ing ques­tions, email us at contact@boakandbailey.com.

This is prob­a­bly also a good time to remind you to down­load Gam­bri­nus Waltz (cheap) and Back of a Beer Mat (free) for your Kin­dle, if you haven’t already.

We’ll still be Tweet­ing, though a bit less than usu­al, and Face­book­ing as and when we feel the urge.