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Artyfacts from the Nyneties #2: World Beer Menu, 1993

Front cover of the 1993 Great British Beer Festival Bieres Sans Frontieres menu.
The front cover.
“Welcome to the most exotic bar in the whole festival… This year’s star feature has to be the USA. Thanks to months of work by Jonathan Tuttle… Rick’s American Bar has probably the widest selection of beer and beer styles ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean from West to East.”

From Alistair Boyd’s introduction.

1993 advert for the Belgium Biere Co.

Belgian beers listed: Boon Kriek, Framboos; Cantillon Gueuze, Kriek; De Troch Gueuze (unfiltered); Drie Fonteinen Kriek; Girardin Gueuze; Hanssens Kriek; Van der Linden Vieux Foudre Gueuze, Vieux Foudre Faro, Duivelsbeer, Vieux Foudre Kriek, Frambozenbier; Vandervelden Oud Beersel Gueuze; Wets Kriek; Crombe Zottegemse Kriek; Liefmans Goudenband, Oud Bruin, Kriek; Rodenbach; Strubbe Ichtegems Oud Bruin; Verhaege Duchesse de Bourgogne, Vichtenaar; Orval; Chimay Red, White, Blue; Rochefort 6 & 8; Westmalle Dubbel, Tripel; Bornem Tripel; Steenbrugge Dubbel; Lefebvre Abbaye de Bonne Esperance, Moeder Overste; Maredsous; Brugs Tarwebier; Hoegaarden Wit; Dentergems; Leffe Blond (“slightly bitter with a malty nose”); Duvel; Lucifer; Brigand; Blaugies La Moneuse; Dupont Moinette, Saison Dupont; Martens Sezoens; Saison de Pipaix; Gouden Carolus; De Dolle Arabier, Bos Keun, Oerbier; Brugse Tripel; Verboden Vrucht; Huyghe La Poiluchette Blonde; Gordon Highland Scotch; Straffe Hendrick; Van Eecke Hommelbier.

Pete's Wicked Ale ad from the rear of the BSF programme.
The rear cover. Note ‘craft brewing’ — is this where the infection started?
“Pete Slosberg’s justifiable pride in Pete’s Wicked Ale has brought not only the beer to the festival but also the creator himself for several session to serve it. Belly up the bar and have Pete pour you a wicked pint.”

Jonathan Tuttle

American breweries represented: Mendicino, Sierra Nevada, Yakima (Bert Grant), Oldenburg, Pete’s, Catamount, Mass Bay (Harpoon), Dock Street,

Belgo advert from 1993.
Sponsor’s advertisement — a desktop publishing horror.

This came from the pile of ephemera Steve ‘Beer Justice’ Williams sent us recently — thanks, Steve!

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The Belgian range is superb I have to say. Vanderlinden! Crombe Kriek! Wets! And more. I’m drooling. *wipes keyboard*

Bit of trivia: Harpoon actually bought Catamount’s brewery when Catamount went bankrupt.
(Seeing them side by side sparked that.)

No news nuggets & long reads this week or last week? Always look forward to that on a Saturday morning. Hope it comes back

Been on holiday and didn’t fancy typing it up on hotel Wi-Fi with a smartphone. Have Tweeted some choice links instead, though — see widget to right.

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