GALLERY: Guinness Time, 1967-1971

These wonderfully colourful covers for editions of the Guinness London staff magazine remind us of cartoons and children’s books from our childhoods, but could just as easily grace the sleeve of a Kinks LP.

Autumn 1967, front: Adam and Eve with the apple.
Autumn 1967, front.
Autumn 1967, rear: the Edenic serpent wraps itself around a bottle of Guinness.
Autumn 1967, rear.

Winter 1967, front cover; a hot air balloonist drinking Guinness.
Winter 1967, front cover; it’s signed but we can’t read the artist’s writing.
The rear of the Winter 1967 edition: a bottle of Guinness in an ice skate.
Winter 1967, rear cover.
Autumn 1968, front: a park keeper surrounded by autumn leaves enjoys a Guinness.
Autumn 1968, front. (‘Autumn Almanac’?)
Autumn 1968, rear: park keeper best by brown leaves made from Guinness labels.
Autumn 1968, rear.
Spring 1968: a canal boat in psychedelic style.
Spring 1968. We didn’t scan a few others like this that don’t actually feature any beer.
Autumn 1969, featuring a paddle-steamer with a Guinness label for its wheel.
Autumn 1969.
Wraparound cover for Autumn 1971 featuring 'The Plough' pub.
Wraparound cover for Autumn 1971 featuring ‘The Plough’ pub.
Winter 1971: an engineer feeds a huge machine with coal to warm his morning tea.
Winter 1971, wraparound cover.

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