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Live in the Midlands and Want to Blog?

If you’re a Midlands-based beer enthusiast who wants to write, the Midlands Beer Blog Collective might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

A while ago, pondering Londoncentricity in beer blogging and writing, we mentioned that Birmingham was under-served by beer bloggers with several veterans having given up, moved on to other roles in the beer industry, or just slowed their production of content to a trickle.

Now, Bob Maxfield and his colleagues have launched a multi-author blog dedicated to ‘the love of beer across the Midlands and beyond’.

He’s looking for people to write on the blog and says:

We are keen to have different backgrounds and points of view on the site to discuss and promote all that is happening in the beer world in the Midlands. I’m happy for people to blog directly on the site or reblog from their own sites.

In other words, you can host a post on your own blog but also share it via the MBBC or, if you can’t be bothered to set up and host your own blog but have something to get off your chest, or only want to blog once in a while, MBBC will host the content for you.

We don’t imagine you have to actually live in the Midlands, either — it might just be that you’ve got something to say about the region’s beer and pub scene based on a visit or previous experience.

Selfishly, we’re delighted because this means there might be a more steady flow of intelligence on what’s going on in the region, and because we think multi-author sites might well be the saviour of beer blogging, taking the pressure off any one individual to keep coming up with material.

If you want to get involved, drop Bob a line via Twitter or by leaving a comment on the ‘About’ page of the blog.

4 replies on “Live in the Midlands and Want to Blog?”

For what it’s worth I’m heading up to do a talk at BrewDog next month all about starting a beer blog. All 20 tickets have been snapped up and I know Bob is coming along – with any luck you’ll have a glut of great beer coverage coming from Birmingham in the next few months.

Sounds like their scene is about to turn another corner too – really interested in the new bar ‘Tilt’ that’s opening this weekend. I’ll be heading there for a …coffee… before my talk. Yes.

Tilt does look interesting — ‘Kirk was a young CAMRA member who had a craft beer epiphany on a trip to the USA at the age of 21… Richard was inspired by travels in Belgium, where the beer convinced him to drop his career as an electrical engineer and take a job at BrewDog.’

What’s the definition of the Midlands, or are you just looking at Birrmingham?

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