A Quick Quiz Question

The Windsor Castle by Ewan M.
The Wind­sor Cas­tle by Ewan M, used with per­mis­sion. Thanks, Ewan!

Why would the above pub be a particularly suitable place to drink during November?

We’ll post the answer at the end of the day.


Well done, Andrew – the Wind­sor Cas­tle is the cur­rent head­quar­ters of the Han­dle­bar Club which cel­e­brates mous­tach­es with ‘gras­pable extrem­i­ties’. Appro­pri­ate, we reck­on, for ‘Movem­ber’.

We first came across men­tion of the club in a 1947 issue of LIFE mag­a­zine accom­pa­nied by this pic­ture:

The Handlebar Club, 1947.

The Amer­i­can mag­a­zine describes the venue for the meet­ing as ‘the Tem­ple pub’ but we haven’t been able to work out where exact­ly that was. (Pos­si­bly actu­al­ly a restau­rant?) Jim­my Edwards is in there some­where – third from left, or is that him at the far end of the table on the right?

Here’s anoth­er pic from the same arti­cle, cap­tioned ‘Booz­er’s Droop’, and fea­tur­ing a cameo from a ten-sided pint glass:

A moustachioed man with a pint glass.

3 thoughts on “A Quick Quiz Question”

  1. The fire was in Nov 1992 – I remem­ber the cafe I was in at the time. Not sure that’s it, though – I feel it would have to be some­thing more sat­is­fy­ing than a 23 year anniver­sary.

  2. well i’m pleased it’s not just on my blog where stuff like this falls flat. I thought that pub chal­lenge thing I did was boss but was any­one inter­est­ed? Were they fuck!

    PS. No idea regard­ing your ques­tion. I do know where the pub is, hav­ing passed by it many times. My col­league Arthur used to drink there I believe.

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