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Another Round of #BeeryLongreads: 18 Dec 2015

We’re going to post something longer than usual (1,500+ words) on Friday 18 December, to give our readers something to chew on over the Christmas lull.

If any other beer bloggers fancy joining us, that’d be great — just post on or around the same date.

We won’t be putting together a round-up this time but will be sharing links on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #BeeryLongReads.

Also, by way of encouragement, we’re going to send the best UK-based entry this pile of goodies:

Prize bundle feat. Mikkeller book, Brew Britannia, Watney's half-pint glass, BrewDog keyring &c.

And, because of the cost of postage, the best from outside the UK will get an Amazon voucher or similar.

We’ll decide the winners entirely subjectively and our decision will be final.

PS. Alan at A Good Beer Blog is running a writing competition at his blog; if you also want to submit your #BeeryLongRead as your entry for that, make sure it is more than 2,500 words long and meets the requirements set out at the link above. He’ll be formally launching the contest, along with his annual photo competition, fairly soon — we’ll update this post when the announcement goes live.

 * * *

If you’re stuck for ideas here are some articles we’d like to read if someone can be bothered to write them:

  • The whisky miniature is alive and well but where did the nip bottle for beer go? Are any breweries still using them? And should there be more?
  • What’s the best brewery from your region we’ve never heard of and who are the people behind it?
  • What was so special about ‘Derby Ale’ 17th century? And how could someone go about brewing it today? (Also Dorchester Ale, Taunton Ale, &c.)
  • Did your family run a pub or brewery when you were a child? Tell us about it.
  • If we wanted to understand beer as it stands in the 21st Century what are the ten beers we need to taste?
  • That person who’s always sat at the end of the bar when you go to your local — what’s their story?
  • Is there a beer or beer style you hate? Spend some time forcing yourself to drink it and see if that changes your mind.
  • What was it like to work at the Bass mega-brewery in Runcorn?
  • Is there a scandal waiting to break in the world in the beer? Without getting yourself sued (this is important…) sound the alarm.
  • What is it like to work as a bouncer, cellarman, cooper, driving a dray, in a lab, as a brewery tour guide, for a big brewing conglomerate, for Wetherspoon, for BrewDog, or in any other specific role in beer or pubs? It might seem mundane to you but it won’t be to others.