Another Round of #BeeryLongreads: 18 Dec 2015

#BeeryLongReads illustration.

We’re going to post something longer than usual (1,500+ words) on Friday 18 December, to give our readers something to chew on over the Christmas lull.

If any oth­er beer blog­gers fan­cy join­ing us, that’d be great – just post on or around the same date.

We won’t be putting togeth­er a round-up this time but will be shar­ing links on Face­book and Twit­ter using the hash­tag #Beery­Lon­gReads.

Also, by way of encour­age­ment, we’re going to send the best UK-based entry this pile of good­ies:

Prize bundle feat. Mikkeller book, Brew Britannia, Watney's half-pint glass, BrewDog keyring &c.

And, because of the cost of postage, the best from out­side the UK will get an Ama­zon vouch­er or sim­i­lar.

We’ll decide the win­ners entire­ly sub­jec­tive­ly and our deci­sion will be final.

PS. Alan at A Good Beer Blog is run­ning a writ­ing com­pe­ti­tion at his blog; if you also want to sub­mit your #Beery­Lon­gRead as your entry for that, make sure it is more than 2,500 words long and meets the require­ments set out at the link above. He’ll be for­mal­ly launch­ing the con­test, along with his annu­al pho­to com­pe­ti­tion, fair­ly soon – we’ll update this post when the announce­ment goes live.

 * * *

If you’re stuck for ideas here are some arti­cles we’d like to read if some­one can be both­ered to write them:

  • The whisky minia­ture is alive and well but where did the nip bot­tle for beer go? Are any brew­eries still using them? And should there be more?
  • What’s the best brew­ery from your region we’ve nev­er heard of and who are the peo­ple behind it?
  • What was so spe­cial about ‘Der­by Ale’ 17th cen­tu­ry? And how could some­one go about brew­ing it today? (Also Dorch­ester Ale, Taunton Ale, &c.)
  • Did your fam­i­ly run a pub or brew­ery when you were a child? Tell us about it.
  • If we want­ed to under­stand beer as it stands in the 21st Cen­tu­ry what are the ten beers we need to taste?
  • That per­son who’s always sat at the end of the bar when you go to your local – what’s their sto­ry?
  • Is there a beer or beer style you hate? Spend some time forc­ing your­self to drink it and see if that changes your mind.
  • What was it like to work at the Bass mega-brew­ery in Run­corn?
  • Is there a scan­dal wait­ing to break in the world in the beer? With­out get­ting your­self sued (this is impor­tant…) sound the alarm.
  • What is it like to work as a bounc­er, cel­lar­man, coop­er, dri­ving a dray, in a lab, as a brew­ery tour guide, for a big brew­ing con­glom­er­ate, for Wether­spoon, for Brew­Dog, or in any oth­er spe­cif­ic role in beer or pubs? It might seem mun­dane to you but it won’t be to oth­ers.