MUSIC: Pub Crawling Blues

Detail from the cover of 'Black London Blues' (1969).

We were tipped off to this by a documentary about British blues music Lenny Henry made for Sky Arts.

It’s from a 1969 LP called Black Lon­don Blues which is pret­ty great from start to fin­ish and is avail­able on Spo­ti­fy, iTunes, and to buy on CD.

And, yes, that is Ram John Hold­er as in Pork Pie from the 1990s sit­com Desmond’s, who turns out to be a very inter­est­ing bloke.

I had ten pints of bit­ter at the vol­un­teer of Glouces­ter Place.
I’m pub crawl­ing… I’m the Ram.
I’m pub crawl­ing… I’m your man.

One thought on “MUSIC: Pub Crawling Blues”

  1. Pork Pie was (per­haps still is, though I sus­pect he’s Hov­is) a reg­u­lar at the Arch­es Wine Bar in South Hamp­stead, and when I lived there about a decade ago he was a near per­ma­nent fix­ture out­side. His pals were all luvvies and old queens so he’d strayed some way from his roots. Nice man I think though I did­n’t real­ly engage him much I’d often sit by him.

    Desmond’s is shit if you try and watch it now, though.

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