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MUSIC: Pub Crawling Blues

We were tipped off to this by a documentary about British blues music Lenny Henry made for Sky Arts.

It’s from a 1969 LP called Black London Blues which is pretty great from start to finish and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and to buy on CD.

And, yes, that is Ram John Holder as in Pork Pie from the 1990s sitcom Desmond’s, who turns out to be a very interesting bloke.

I had ten pints of bitter at the volunteer of Gloucester Place.
I’m pub crawling… I’m the Ram.
I’m pub crawling… I’m your man.

One reply on “MUSIC: Pub Crawling Blues”

Pork Pie was (perhaps still is, though I suspect he’s Hovis) a regular at the Arches Wine Bar in South Hampstead, and when I lived there about a decade ago he was a near permanent fixture outside. His pals were all luvvies and old queens so he’d strayed some way from his roots. Nice man I think though I didn’t really engage him much I’d often sit by him.

Desmond’s is shit if you try and watch it now, though.

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