News, Nuggets & Longreads 14/11/2015

Pump handles in a London pub with the date: 14/11/2015.

Here’s the beer news and commentary that most interested or amused us in the last seven days.

→ For Bel­gian Smaak, Bre­andán Kear­ney writes at length about a col­lab­o­ra­tion between Irish and Bel­gian brew­ers:

A hard-nosed Bel­gian farmer arrives at the his­tor­i­cal brew house in the Flem­ish vil­lage of Bokrijk on an old Dex­ta trac­tor to pick up the spent grain… Rob Hynes makes a bee line for the trac­tor. “That’s a thing of beau­ty,” he says. “I used to own one years ago but I sold it. I regret that.”

→ Des de Moor has been explor­ing the Mid­lands and wrote a long piece about Black Coun­try brew­eries for his web­site, Beer Cul­ture:

The name dates from this peri­od: con­tem­po­rary accounts talk of a blast­ed land of spoil heaps and per­pet­u­al twi­light, over­cast by fac­to­ry smoke in the day­time and lit by fur­naces at night. J R R Tolkein, who grew up in south Birm­ing­ham, based his chief vil­lain Sauron’s des­o­late domain in The Lord of the Rings on this land­scape. Its name, Mor­dor, even trans­lates as ‘black coun­try’ in the author’s invent­ed lan­guages.

→ In the age of ‘crowd-fund­ing fatigue’ Seth Fiegerman’s take for Mash­able, under the head­line ‘Crowd­fund­ing may not cre­ate the ‘next Face­book,’ but it’s great for craft brew­eries’, is an inter­est­ing one. (Via @BeerAttorney.)

→ Mar­tyn Cor­nell is nei­ther a ‘hater’ nor a mem­ber of the cult of Brew­Dog, and it turns out he has an MBA, so his review of James Wat­t’s new how-to busi­ness man­u­al strikes us as both bal­anced and inci­sive.

→ If you tot up the num­bers using Richard ‘Beer­cast’ Tay­lor’s method how many of your regions brew­eries would you say are good, dull, pass­able or bad?

→ Phil Cook asks beer geeks to get over the fear of miss­ing out (FOMO), accept the fact of miss­ing out, and embrace the fun of miss­ing out.

Out-take from our St Just pub crawl photo-shoot: an out of focus stained-glass window at the Star Inn.

→ An Amer­i­can brew­er makes his first long-antic­i­pat­ed vis­it to an Eng­lish pub (via @RoosterOl):

The right door…the left door – the ulti­mate deci­sion. There is cer­tain­ly a good expla­na­tion for the two sep­a­rate doors; how­ev­er, I have yet to hear it.

→ In brew­ery takeover news, AB-InBev and SAB-Miller have final­ly, for­mal­ly agreed their merg­er. (It feels like we’ve been announc­ing this every week for the last two months.)

→ And, final­ly, the Guardian report­ed this week that Chi­na has gone crazy for Greene King IPA in the wake of Pres­i­dent Xi Jin­ping shar­ing a pint with David Cameron in an Oxford­shire pub. This Tweet is the cen­tre­piece of the sto­ry:

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  1. I invent­ed an Irish/Belgian crossover bar for a col­umn I wrote years ago – they served Black-and-Trap­pists. It was­n’t about beer, though – I just want­ed to use the name “Mus­sel Mary’s”.

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