Q&A: What Became of Kitty Witches, Great Yarmouth?

I did a pub called Kit­ty Witch­es in Great Yarmouth with my mates on a few din­ner time ses­sions back in June 1982. The pub was a small and sin­gle roomed with the bar fac­ing. There were lots of witch­es hang­ing from the ceil­ing and they were also for sale. The pub was a Whit­bread tied house and was in the mid­dle of town. I would be very inter­est­ed if you could let me know what hap­pened to this pub.’ Alan Win­field

The build­ing is still there, and still oper­at­ing as a licensed premis­es, under the name Lib­er­ty’s Rock Cafe.

The extreme­ly com­pre­hen­sive Nor­folk Pub­lic Hous­es web­site, ref­er­enc­ing local licens­ing doc­u­ments, sug­gests, how­ev­er, that Alan’s mem­o­ry of the date might be incor­rect, as it was trad­ing as The Lion & Lamb until 1987, when it looked some­thing like this:

It then briefly became ‘Man­hat­tans’ in around 1987–88, before being renamed Kit­ty Witch­es or Kit­ty­witch­es from around 1989 to 1996.

It’s pos­si­ble, we sup­pose, that it was dec­o­rat­ed with witch­es and/or known as Kit­ty Witch­es, with ref­er­ence to a local folk cus­tom, before the name changed for­mal­ly.

If you have any more infor­ma­tion, or think we have the wrong end of the stick, leave a com­ment below.

2 thoughts on “Q&A: What Became of Kitty Witches, Great Yarmouth?”

  1. Thanks for look­ing into this for me,
    The pub was defi­nat­ly called Kit­ty Witch­es when we did it in June 1982,i have writ­ten pub names and brew­ery tie since 1981 so i know that that was the name on the out­side of the pub,the nar­row row to the right of the pub looks right,so i am pret­ty sure you have tracked the pub down for me.
    I dont know any­thing about a Lion and Lamb,i last went to Great Yarmouth in 1983 and have done just under 100 pubs there so done most and have not done a Lamb and Lion.
    Thanks Alan

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