Raw Info: Cornish Brewers, 1856

The First & Last, Penzance, c. 1880, via 'Alverton: West of Penzance' by Paul Mason.

This list of Cornish brewers from 1856 is a titbit leftover from yesterday’s post:

Allen Robert, Kil­li­grew Street, Fal­mouth
Car­ly­on J., Mylor Bridge, Mylor, Fal­mouth
Clarke J., Church Street, Hel­ston
Dodd J., Broad Street, Pen­ryn
Ellery J., Mar­ket Place, Cam­borne
Ellis & Co, Church Street, Hel­ston
Ellis C., Hayle
Hart J., Pon­sonooth, St Glu­vias, Pen­ryn
Hicks E., Mel­lon’s pk, Lan­reath, Liskeard
Magor, Dav­ey & Co, Redruth
Mar­tin T., Cal­stock, Call­ing­ton
Moyle S.G., Chace­wa­ter, Ken­wyn, Truro
Pearce F., Camelford
Philp S., Stoke Clims­land, Call­ing­ton
Polk­ing­horne E.S. & Co, Pen­zance
Proc­ter N., Mether­ill, Cal­stock, Tavi­s­tock
Rash­leigh W., Con­stan­tine, Fal­mouth
Richards George, Wharf, St Ives
Scant­le­bury E, Par, St Austell
Shep­herd J, Exeter Road, Launce­s­ton
Stephen­son C., Mar­ket Jew St., Pen­zance
Teague W., Riv­er Street, Truro
Wheel­er J., Tor­point, Devon­port
Wright G., Bod­min brew­ery, Bod­min

It’s from Kel­ly’s Post Office Direc­to­ry of Devon­shire & Corn­wall from that year.

We’re post­ing it here just in case some researcher Googling down the line might find it use­ful; we’ll be look­ing into the two list­ed for Pen­zance our­selves when we get the chance.

Main image tak­en from ‘Alver­ton: West of Pen­zance’ by Paul Mason where a cred­it is giv­en to Bob Watts and Tony.

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  1. I live in Hayle in Corn­wall and there is still the Ellis’ Brew­ery build­ing on Sea Lane. The Brew­ery was tak­en over by St Austells and even­tu­al­ly became a depot. It closed and was sold about five years ago. I know one of the for­mer dray­men who used to work out of the site when it was owned by St Austell. I can take pho­tos if you wish.

    1. Thanks for the offer, Greg. We’ve actu­al­ly popped over to Hayle from PZ and had a look at the build­ings. Wish St Austell would revive the brand – would be love­ly to drink Ellis beers in the Yacht Inn!

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