News, Nuggets & Longreads 13 Feb 2016

Mild Ales sign on the outside of a Bristol pub.

From Licensed Victuallers to Budweiser here’s all the beer-related reading that’s caught our attention in the past seven days.

→ For the Morn­ing Adver­tis­er Phil Mel­lows has writ­ten a fan­tas­tic piece answer­ing a ques­tion that we’ve asked in the past: what on earth hap­pened to the once mighty Licensed Vict­uallers’ Asso­ci­a­tions?

We were the cham­pi­ons of licensees, we fought bat­tles with brew­ers and we were always on the end of the tele­phone if mem­bers need­ed help or guid­ance,” says for­mer Nor­wich and Nor­folk LVA chair­man Mike Lorenz. “But five or six years ago, mem­ber­ship start­ed falling away dra­mat­i­cal­ly and events were poor­ly attend­ed. Today, organ­i­sa­tions like the BII (British Insti­tute of Innkeep­ing) can offer more ben­e­fits. LVAs are not need­ed.”

→ For US mag­a­zine All About Beer Heather Van­de­nen­gel writes about ‘The Real­i­ty of Being a Woman in the Beer Indus­try’. It’s a good read because the inter­vie­wees are not the Usu­al Sus­pects – pro­duc­tion brew­er Ire­na Bierzyn­ski’s com­ments are par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ing – but would­n’t it be good to read more arti­cles about women in beer that aren’t point­ed­ly about Women in Beer?

Redemption Trinity pump clip design.

→ Mar­tyn Cor­nell has applied his great brain to the ques­tion of how to clas­si­fy, and what to call, those pale’n’hop­py British beers that are a less than IPAs but more than gold­en ales.

→ Richard Cold­well reports on the new craft beer bar, The Turks Head, which sits in the back yard of Leed­s’s leg­endary White­locks, an old-school real ale pub:

My main con­cern was that Whitelock’s would be over­shad­owed and erod­ed away before final­ly falling off the edge of the cliff like some flim­sy hol­i­day home on the East coast. Hav­ing vis­it­ed The Turk’s Head, I no longer have any con­cerns and I think this ven­ture is one of real progress and an asset to the ‘String of beads’ beer scene.

→ We’ve already linked to it once this week but here it is again for com­plete­ness: Alan McLeod liked the Bud­weis­er Super­bowl adver­tise­ment because it ‘basi­cal­ly sums up every­thing about Amer­i­can brew­ing for the last four hun­dred years’. Anoth­er Cana­di­an, Ben John­son, is not so keen, how­ev­er, and explains why in enter­tain­ing fash­ion:

I’ve inten­tion­al­ly not linked to either last year’s or this year’s video today so that I might avoid con­tribut­ing to any web traf­fic that a mar­ket­ing jag­weed work­ing on his per­son­al devel­op­ment plan might include on a slide deck of ana­lyt­ics show­ing engage­ment lead­ing to con­ver­sions and BLLLAAAARRFFF!… Oh god, sor­ry. I used so many mar­ket­ing buzz­words that I rage-vom­it­ed blood again (And yes, I typed the sound that I made as I did so).

Brew­ery takeover news: Japan­ese giant Asahi is buy­ing Per­oni, Grolsch and Lon­don’s Mean­time Brew­ing from SAB-Miller.

→ And, final­ly, here’s a nov­el approach to cool­ing your home brew:

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  1. Peo­ple in the north­ern states of the US have been using a snow bank for years. And many peo­ple use their pools or pool water for cool­ing wort. There are many ways to skin that cat…

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