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Hancock at the Off Licence, 1960

Hancock talks to Harry at the off-licence.

Pin your ears back, this is going to be a big ‘un, this’ll probably clear you right out. Now then… I want ten crates of stout winter brew, five crates of best brown, twelve quarts of Dragon’s Breath, two barrels of bitter, two crates of Danish lager, and a barrel of rough cider.

Cor, blimey! Are you going to have a party?


No, me grandmother’s coming over.


From Hancock’s Half Hour, ‘The Reunion Party’, BBC Television, first broadcast 25 March 1960.

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ten crates of stout winter brew … twelve quarts of Dragon’s Breath

I wonder if these corresponded to real things, or if Galton & Simpson just put them in because they sounded appropriately ‘beery’.

there are frequent references to beer and pubs in Hancock’s radio and TV stuff, pint of Wilson’s Collar in one, a discussion on how a landlord’s beer has gone off in another. Then there’s his first proper movie The Punch & Judy Man, which features a set piece amongst the snugs of a proper pub.

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