Session #109: Porter

This is our con­tri­bu­tion to the 109th Ses­sion host­ed by Mark Lind­ner.

What isn’t porter?

It isn’t stout because… Well, because some­one has cho­sen one descrip­tor over anoth­er for rea­sons that make sense to them. Per­haps because it’s less, er, stout than the stout they also brew. Or per­haps because they want you to think of emer­ald green Irish fields when you drink their stout but smoke-black­ened Lon­don brick when you drink the porter. Per­haps they just like the word because it sounds impor­tant, port­ly, por­ten­tous, like a nice glass of port.

It isn’t mild. Even it was­n’t aged in a vat for a year it ought to taste at least a bit like it has been. And mild cer­tain­ly should­n’t be watered down porter.

It is not IPA in a world where every­thing is IPA. Black IPA some­times looks and acts like porter, but then it stops being an IPA.

What is porter?

It is a log fire in a glass. It is like drink­ing a Dick­ens nov­el. It’s a way to share a pint with your great-great-great-grand­fa­ther. It is just big enough to feel like a treat but not so big that you can’t have two on a school-night.

Porter is an enig­ma.

And it is won­der­ful.


This, by the way, is anoth­er sub­ject on which we’ve writ­ten exten­sive­ly in the past:

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