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We’ve been putting together regular weekly round-ups of links since January 2014 having done a one-off in November 2013 to prove the point that blogging was alive and well.

We’ve settled into a routine now — each of us bookmarks things throughout the week; we do a final scan of our Feedly feed, Twitter and the news on Saturday morning; and write it up before breakfast. That’s great in terms of keeping it on track and on time but…

With routine comes a rut and we are aware that we might be leaning on the same sources a bit much, featuring the same names, leaning towards a certain type of content. Of course it’s always going to reflect our preferences and interests but, still, we don’t want to miss essential stuff, and some of the most interesting links in recent months have come from tips sent by readers and fellow bloggers.

So, we just want to make it clear that suggestions for things we ought to read and should consider featuring here are always welcome.

We’re especially interested in articles and blog posts from beyond the beer world that we might not stumble across ourselves — pieces written by historians, scientists, cultural critics, local journalists, comedians and columnists who might only mention beer or pubs once a year but, when they do, do it well.

Local intelligence — interesting new bars, pubs and breweries — and even straight-up gossip are also interesting and useful.

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