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100 Words: Fine is Fine

Ah, So Very British™ — saying things are Fine when you really mean they’re awful.

Except that’s not what we mean.

When we say Fine, we mean Fine — that is, adequate, the mildest form of Good.

Fine-not-fine scale with 'fine' on the positive side.

And you know what? We drink a fair bit of beer that isn’t Fine. It’s not Awful or Dreadful — it’s just, like most stuff, floating around in the middle, stirring little beyond a shrug, an appreciative nod or a momentary frown.

We like to keep something back for the gold medal beers, and for the absolute stinkers.

The rest of the time, Fine is OK.

3 replies on “100 Words: Fine is Fine”

For an American (Philadelphia Jewish bankruptcy lawyer) buddy the invariable comment on anything (food, drink) is ‘not bad’ Occasionally he may launch into ‘truly wonderful’ but never awesome. Unless moving to New Jersey has wrought change!

Resin was indeed ‘fine’. The Sixpoint Bengali, on the other hand, was ‘excellent’.

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