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What Colour Should a Pub Be?

Yesterday Tandleman (@tandleman) posted a load of pictures on Twitter from a 1960s Wilson’s brewery calendar. They’re great because (a) they show pub interiors, which is rare; and (b) they’re in colour.

We couldn’t stop looking at them last night: they’re so vibrant and the colour choices so… Un-pubby. Finally, stealing an idea from @CINEMAPALETTES, we spent a few minutes coming up with these.

1. Classic Pub

A photo of a pub interior with colour pallette at bottom.

2. 1960s Pub
Interior of 1960s pub with colour palette at bottom.
Source: @Tandleman

Even allowing for the difference in the style of photo — the former was snapped by one of us on a smartphone in afternoon light; the latter looks stage-lit and Technicolor gaudy — that’s quite a difference.

We might do a few more and add them to this post as we go. It would be interesting to look at a full-on craft beer bar, for example, most of which, we suspect, would be shades of cream and grey. And Samuel Smith pubs would be brown, dark brown, darker brown and black-brown, right?

If, by the way, you want to decorate your pub (or house…) in 1960s Wilson’s style, Florrie & Bill sell refurbished vintage ‘cocktail chairs’; this carpet is probably close enough; here’s a suitable wallpaper; and turquoise mosaic tiles, too.

Bute wool cocktail chair.
SOURCE: Florrie & Bill.
Carpet design in red/burgundy.
SOURCE: Axminster Carpets.
Flower design wallpaper, purple and pink.
SOURCE: Wallpaper King/Sophie Conran.
Pearlescent turquoise tiles.
SOURCE: Qube Mosaic.

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