DETAILS: Performance Enhancers

Item: the pills they sell in pub toilets that definitely aren’t Viagra.

The oth­er week in Munich with friends I men­tioned how fun­ny I found the var­i­ous ‘blue pills’ they sell in gents toi­lets along­side con­doms and oth­er use­ful items such as a nov­el­ty penis­es that expand when you put them in water. The women in the group were aston­ished by this rev­e­la­tion, as was Boak when I men­tioned it to her the oth­er day.

So, because this leads me to believe oth­er peo­ple may not know about this either, here’s an exam­ple:

Solid Gold vending machine in a pub toilet.This one is unusu­al in that it doesn’t have ‘blue’ in its name but oth­er­wise the char­ac­ter­is­tics are typ­i­cal:

  1. A vague sug­ges­tion of poten­cy (extra strong) with­out any indi­ca­tion of what the active ingre­di­ent might be, if any. A quick search online sug­gests these ones are ‘herbal’ which leads me to con­clude that you might as well eat a veg­etable stock cube.
  2. Some iconog­ra­phy of ‘adult­ness’ – in this case, a sim­ple nod to the BBFC’s 18 cer­tifi­cate logo, although it’s often an elab­o­rate illus­tra­tion of a ghost­ly blue naked woman.
  3. And a word that hints at what it is sup­posed to do to your physique with­out being open to chal­lenge under Trade Descrip­tions – sol­id, if you catch my drift, nudge nudge, know what I mean?

Who buys these? The con­doms I can under­stand but non-spe­cif­ic pills that might do… some­thing? Then again, per­haps some­one gullible enough to spend their cash on ‘med­i­cine’ in a pub bog is also high­ly sus­cep­ti­ble to the place­bo effect.

5 thoughts on “DETAILS: Performance Enhancers”

  1. This is cry­ing out for a bit of sci­en­tif­ic analy­sis – time for a real ‘Mag­i­cal Mys­tery Tour’ of pub bog pills?

  2. When we bought our pub here in bath, pri­or to the ren­o­va­tion we took out the con­dom machine, half of which was con­doms, and the oth­er half were ‘Rudy dud­ies’, and the coin col­lec­tions were seper­ate, we found 3 pounds in the con­dom chan­nel, and 47pounds in the ‘rudy dud­ies’ obvi­ous­ly the nov­el­ty mon­ster paint­ed con­dom mar­ket is far larg­er than we had imag­ined.

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