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Top Beer Tweets of 2016

These are the Tweets that made us laugh or think in the last 12 months.

Some are from people who write mostly about beer, others are from outside The Bubble, but they all prompted us to either click the Retweet button or include them in our weekly links round-ups.

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1. Craig Garvie brought us this horror which made us wonder why they don’t just roll the bottle round in some hair and toenail clippings and be done.

2. We’re surprised we haven’t seen more of this kind of thing to be honest. It’s hard to stop looking at.

3. This from Bryan Roth made us feel faintly guilty. In a good way.

4. Cartoonist Tom Gauld came up with this great selection of science-themed pub signs for New Scientist.

5. Twitter has generally been a good place to stumble across pub- and beer-themed art lately. This painting by Mandy Payne, inspired by Park Hill in Sheffield, really spoke to us in the throes of our estate pub obsession.

6. These Intoxicants Project Tweets have been delightful — it turns out there are so many more creative ways to get into a scrap than, ‘Are you looking at my bird?’

7. We once had a beer with what looked like Michael Gove on the label but…

8. Local archives are often worth watching because, every once in a while, they’ll drop something like this…

9. Or this.

10. There was weirder food than this in pubs 40 years ago (kipper pizza!) but as a symbol of cultures colliding, this is hard to beat.

11. These nuggets of Mandarin from @GreatHopForward have been landing throughout the year, much to our enjoyment.

12. This lovely vignette says a lot about Britain, pubs and the mysteries of pub etiquette.

13. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on in Germany in 2016 which you don’t need much German to get.

14. Meanwhile, in Poland…

15. We named Dina (@msswiggy) Tweeter of the Year in our Golden Pints email newsletter because, for example…

16. An acute observation that, as you can see, struck a chord:

17. This induced serious jealousy on our part — what a lovely thing!

18. Fred Waltman has a simple formula: he Tweets pictures of the beers he is drinking. Often the same beer, in fact — Uerige Sticke in Düsseldorf. Look at this Schumacher Alt, though. Following Fred is like being permanently on holiday.

19. This is a characteristic glimpse into another culture from Norwegian blogger and writer Lars Marius Garshol.

20. A glimpse behind the magic explains why beer industry folk are always behaving so oddly when photographed.

21. Twitter poet Brian Bilston addresses the subject of beer mats, on a beer mat.

22. Film critic Guy Lodge brought us news of the ultimate home bar setup.

23. Here’s a useful new bit of terminology from TV historian Louis Barfe.

24. And a new word that nobody wants or needs.

25. ‘Overheard in the Pub’ is one of our favourite sub-genres and this is a corker:

26: From the same Tweeter in a different guise, the depressing truth in cartoon form.

26. Burgher at Tavern With Chickens, Van Klomp, Rotterdam, 1623.

27. Social realist tasting notes are another sub-genre we enjoy. Here’s one we collected back in January:

28. And, finally, from only a couple of weeks ago but still topical, this from @PilotBeerUK prompted at least one oblivious soul to make the obvious correction. People can’t help themselves, can they?