Other People’s Golden Pints, AKA Our To Do List

Inhaler and Fort Smith cans, crushed.

With the idea in mind that January is a good time to try new things we’ve been looking at other UK bloggers’ Golden Pints posts for inspiration.

Some head­lines: North­ern Monk’s cans are impress­ing peo­ple (as they have us) and Bux­ton crop up fre­quent­ly in the bot­tled beer cat­e­go­ry. Oth­er recur­ring names are Beaver­town and Mag­ic Rock (the usu­al sus­pects, you might say) and Torrside, about whom we know noth­ing, but maybe that’s a Man­ches­ter mafia thing?

Our plan was to order as many of the bot­tled and canned beers as pos­si­ble (or, rather, as is rea­son­able giv­en our bud­get) and hope­ful­ly try a few beers we would­n’t oth­er­wise think to order.

The prob­lem is that so far it’s proved tricky because the vast major­i­ty of the beers nom­i­nat­ed are one-offs or lim­it­ed edi­tions released months ago and long out-of-stock every­where we’ve checked. The few that weren’t – Mag­ic Rock Inhaler, Five Points IPA, Bux­ton Axe Edge – we’ve already had more than once.

So, instead, we’ll using peo­ple’s sug­ges­tions as a hit list of brew­eries for 2017 rather than spe­cif­ic beers.

Any­way, in case you reck­on you might have more luck than us here’s the list we came up with based on all the Gold­en Pints posts we could find using Google and Twit­ter:

  • Alpha­bet Flat White (Hop Hide­out)
  • Almasty Bour­bon Bar­rel Aged Impe­r­i­al Stout (Myles Lam­bert)
  • Beaver­town Bloody ‘Ell (Mar­tin Oates)
  • Beaver­town ‘Spres­so (Brew­ers’ Jour­nal/Steve Lam­ond)
  • Beaver­town Impe­r­i­al Lord Smog Almighty (Glenn John­son)
  • Burn­ing Sky Sai­son Anniver­saire (Matt Cur­tis)
  • Bux­ton Anglo-Bel­gique IPA (Beer O’Clock Show/Steve Lam­ond)
  • Bux­ton Axe Edge (Mash­tun & Meow)
  • Bux­ton Bour­bon Sky­line (Beer Geek Blog)
  • Bux­ton Yel­low Bel­ly (Beer­nomi­con)
  • Cloud­wa­ter DIPA V3 (Half Pint Gen­tle­man)
  • Cloud­wa­ter DIPA V4/V5 (Hop Hide­out)
  • Cloud­wa­ter DIPA V6 (Sharky)
  • Five Points Hook Island Red (Ian Cann)
  • Five Points IPA (Ian Cann)
  • Four Pure Juice­box (Rob Der­byshire)
  • Hawk­shead Tiramisu Impe­r­i­al Stout (Rob Der­byshire)
  • Lit­tle Earth Organ­ic East India Pale Ale (Tim Rowe)
  • Mad Hat Tzatzi­ki Sour (Bar­rel Aged Leeds, and us BTW.)
  • Mag­ic Rock/Cloudwater/Lees Three­’s Com­pa­ny (Boozy Pro­cras­ti­na­tor/Martin Oates)
  • Mag­ic Rock Com­mon Grounds (Jules Gray)
  • Mag­ic Rock Beard­ed Lady Grand Marnier Choco­late Orange Stout (Beer Geek Blog)
  • Mag­ic Rock Human Can­non­ball (Myles Lam­bert)
  • Mag­ic Rock Inhaler (Half Pint Gentleman/Craft Beer Chan­nel)
  • Mar­ble Por­tent of Ush­er (Chris Elston)
  • Mar­ble Valan­court (Jules Gray)
  • North­ern Monk/Against the Grain/Nomad Clan Smokin’ Bees (Ed/Mark John­son)
  • North­ern Monk Hea­then (Simon Girt)
  • North­ern Monk Man­go Las­si Hea­then (Beer­nomi­con)
  • North­ern Monk/Little Leeds Neopoli­tan Pale Ale (Beer O’Clock Show)
  • North­ern Monk Holy Tril­o­gy series (Beernomicon/Barrel Aged Leeds)
  • Old Dairy Tsar Top (Ed)
  • Red Wil­low Weight­less (Boozy Pro­cras­ti­na­tor)
  • Thorn­bridge Days of Cre­ation (Simon Girt)
  • Torrside Brew­ing Amer­i­can Bar­ley­wine (Mark Johnson/Beers Man­ches­ter)
  • Up Front Ahab (Barm)
  • Ver­dant Pulp (Sharky)
  • Vibrant For­est Impe­r­i­al Red IPA (Glenn John­son)
  • Wild Beer Squashed Grape (Joe Tin­dall)
  • Wylam Jake­head (Beer­nomi­con)

Now, that’s specif­i­cal­ly the beers named under bottles/cans – some bot­tled and canned beers were named in oth­er cat­e­gories such as, quite impor­tant­ly, BEST BEER. (That prob­a­bly explains Cloud­wa­ter’s rel­a­tive­ly mod­est show­ing.)

We prob­a­bly also just missed some lists alto­geth­er – it’s noth­ing per­son­al, just let us know below and we’ll add a link (terms and con­di­tions apply) – and there are a few more on the way, now that 2016 is actu­al­ly over. But, any­way, it’s some­thing to think on for now, isn’t it?


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  1. there’s a fair few on there that I nom­i­nat­ed or nar­row­ly missed my top spots but also plen­ty to look out for. I have a few of the bot­tles you’re after (not prac­ti­cal to post but if you ever fan­cy an Ire­land trip…) but as you say a lot of stuff has long since passed. Cer­tain­ly beer­moth would be a good place to try but that would require a rather long train jour­ney!

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