Magical Mystery Pour Bonus: Tempest Mexicake

Tempest Mexicake in the glass.

Tempest’s 11% ABV chilli-infused imperial stout, Mexicake, didn’t immediately appeal to me, because it sounds like the kind of beer people invent for their ‘Hur, hur, dumb hipsters’ jokes. But, wow, was it good.

This is a kind of Mag­i­cal Mys­tery Pour delet­ed scene. Dina, you might recall, was our first selec­tor more than a year ago, and very kind­ly sent us this and anoth­er beer as part of a Christ­mas gift box last Decem­ber.

There are beers to which you respond intel­lec­tu­al­ly, and those for which you just have a pash. This one made me go wob­bly: ‘Blimey!’ was the only note I man­aged for the first few min­utes. When I tried to expand on that, still reel­ing, I came out with I now know is called a mala­phor: ‘That ticks a lot of my but­tons.’

Then I said ‘Mmm­m­m­mm’, three times before my brain engaged.

It was black with a dirty brown head, like some­thing that might leak from the engine of one of those spiky cars in a Mad Max film. It felt dense, syrupy and vel­vety, and tast­ed like trea­cle. The chilli was sub­tle, almost pos­si­ble to con­fuse with bit­ter­ness in the mud­dled wiring of the brain, and real­ly worked. As it warmed up I began to think more of choco­late and vanil­la but, real­ly, there were lots of dif­fer­ent flavours bounc­ing around. It might be eas­i­est just to say, ‘It tastes of every­thing.’ (Except odd­ly, and thank­ful­ly, the adver­tised cin­na­mon.)

This was proof that big beers can also be per­fect­ly bal­anced. Delight­ful. Bring me anoth­er!

2 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Pour Bonus: Tempest Mexicake”

  1. I had this recent­ly and real­ly enjoyed it, despite being some­thing of an adjunct-scep­tic. The chili – which is hard to get right – was spot on.

    As it hap­pens the cin­na­mon came across rea­son­ably well on the nose in mine.

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