Service Update: Moving House

Stingo delivery van.
From 1951.

Right, we’ve done pretty well at keeping things ticking over up to this point but, to paraphrase Hildegard Knef, from here on it gets rough.

We’re in the process of mov­ing from Pen­zance to Bris­tol which means sev­er­al long train jour­neys, lots of dis­rup­tion, com­put­ers in places with­out inter­net, and inter­net in places with­out com­put­ers. And who knows where all the books and yel­low­ing pam­phlets will be.

This dis­rup­tion shouldn’t last more than a cou­ple of weeks and we’ll still hope­ful­ly man­age to get the odd blog post out – we’ve got some half-writ­ten that just need pol­ish­ing up when we can catch our breath, and oth­ers we can prob­a­bly just about man­age to type with crabbed fin­gers on phone screens.

In the mean­time we’ll def­i­nite­ly keep up the Tweet­ing, Face­book­ing and Insta­gram­ming, and of course there’s a ten year back­log of stuff here you can check out if you need some­thing more sub­stan­tial. Top tip: the ‘Relat­ed Posts’ wid­get (to the right on desk­top browsers and down below on mobile) is a good way to dis­cov­er stuff you might have missed.

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And also, here’s some­thing to think about: once we’re set­tled at the oth­er end we’re hop­ing to put togeth­er a fol­low-up to ‘The Good, the Bad and the Murky’, which was itself a fol­low-up to Brew Bri­tan­nia. If you’ve got thoughts on the kind of things we ought to include – major trends and devel­op­ments in British beer since 2015 – drop us a line ( or leave a com­ment below.

6 thoughts on “Service Update: Moving House”

  1. Well, a link to Hilde­gard Knef on a beer blog was a sur­pris­ing turn! Have you seen the film “Hilde”? Tremen­dous, and what a life sto­ry. Good luck with your move, hope all goes smooth­ly. And that you have all your source mate­r­i­al box­es well-labelled.

  2. I realise this may come across as a bit sniffy, but I real­ly don’t intend it that way. I reck­on mov­ing to Pen­zance did won­ders for your blog­ging and your gen­er­al appre­ci­a­tion of the British beer and pub scene.

    In Lon­don, you have a cor­nu­copia of delights, so you can con­fine your­self to a select choice of venues. In a small­ish town, you don’t have that lux­u­ry, so you have to engage with every­day pub life, warts and all.

  3. What takes you both away from sun­ny Pen­zance to the rel­a­tive metrop­o­lis that is Bris­tol? Work, fam­i­ly or just a change of scenery? You may have post­ed the reason(s) pre­vi­ous­ly, if so, please for­give me for being lazy and not look­ing back.

    Good luck with the move, and with set­tling in to your new abode.

    1. Fam­i­ly most­ly. Pen­zance has been great but the four/six hour train jour­ney to our respec­tive fam­i­lies was get­ting wear­ing.

  4. Wel­come to Briz­zol! It may be a rel­a­tive metrop­o­lis com­pared with Pen­zance but you can still be out in prime coun­try­side or a ques­tion­ably named vil­lage with­in 10/15 min­utes.

    Also an absolute­ly smash­ing place for beer right now. Hum­ble, diverse, and inclu­sive. You’ll find it all here. The food scene is real­ly thriv­ing too…

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