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Service Update: Moving House

Stingo delivery van.
From 1951.

Right, we’ve done pretty well at keeping things ticking over up to this point but, to paraphrase Hildegard Knef, from here on it gets rough.

We’re in the process of moving from Penzance to Bristol which means several long train journeys, lots of disruption, computers in places without internet, and internet in places without computers. And who knows where all the books and yellowing pamphlets will be.

This disruption shouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks and we’ll still hopefully manage to get the odd blog post out — we’ve got some half-written that just need polishing up when we can catch our breath, and others we can probably just about manage to type with crabbed fingers on phone screens.

In the meantime we’ll definitely keep up the Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming, and of course there’s a ten year backlog of stuff here you can check out if you need something more substantial. Top tip: the ‘Related Posts’ widget (to the right on desktop browsers and down below on mobile) is a good way to discover stuff you might have missed.

Related posts widget.

And also, here’s something to think about: once we’re settled at the other end we’re hoping to put together a follow-up to ‘The Good, the Bad and the Murky’, which was itself a follow-up to Brew Britannia. If you’ve got thoughts on the kind of things we ought to include — major trends and developments in British beer since 2015 — drop us a line ( or leave a comment below.

6 replies on “Service Update: Moving House”

Well, a link to Hildegard Knef on a beer blog was a surprising turn! Have you seen the film “Hilde”? Tremendous, and what a life story. Good luck with your move, hope all goes smoothly. And that you have all your source material boxes well-labelled.

I realise this may come across as a bit sniffy, but I really don’t intend it that way. I reckon moving to Penzance did wonders for your blogging and your general appreciation of the British beer and pub scene.

In London, you have a cornucopia of delights, so you can confine yourself to a select choice of venues. In a smallish town, you don’t have that luxury, so you have to engage with everyday pub life, warts and all.

What takes you both away from sunny Penzance to the relative metropolis that is Bristol? Work, family or just a change of scenery? You may have posted the reason(s) previously, if so, please forgive me for being lazy and not looking back.

Good luck with the move, and with settling in to your new abode.

Family mostly. Penzance has been great but the four/six hour train journey to our respective families was getting wearing.

Welcome to Brizzol! It may be a relative metropolis compared with Penzance but you can still be out in prime countryside or a questionably named village within 10/15 minutes.

Also an absolutely smashing place for beer right now. Humble, diverse, and inclusive. You’ll find it all here. The food scene is really thriving too…

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