20th Century Pub

The cover of 20th Century Pub.

Right, so it’s finally real – we have hard copies of the new book, as handed over in a Bristol pub last night in a vaguely cloak-and-dagger exchange.

The idea behind the book is that it tells the sto­ry of how pubs changed and devel­oped between 1900 and the present via inter-war improved pubs, post-war estate pubs, theme pubs, Irish pubs, gas­trop­ubs, microp­ubs, and so on. The tone is sim­i­lar to Brew Bri­tan­nia with per­haps a lit­tle more flair in the prose – we’ve had three years extra prac­tice, after all.

You can pre-order from Ama­zon UK now as well as var­i­ous oth­er places (list below). The offi­cial pub­li­ca­tion date is 15 Sep­tem­ber but it’s like­ly to go out ear­li­er than that.

Detail of one of the illustrations.
Detail from a 1955 illus­tra­tion by Clarke Hut­ton, secur­ing the rights to which took con­sid­er­able detec­tive work on Jo’s part.

And (fin­gers crossed) it should also be avail­able at the Great British Beer Fes­ti­val book­shop next week. Assum­ing all goes to plan, we’ll be there sign­ing copies on Tues­day after­noon (trade day) at around 1:30, and will be hang­ing about until about 7pm in case any­one miss­es that organ­ised sign­ing ses­sion. Come and say hel­lo!

Chapter header.
Dale Tom­lin­son, the design­er, is a type nerd.

It’s a very pret­ty book, if we do say so our­selves – bright, tac­tile, with lots of crisp black-and-white pho­tos, both from the archives and tak­en by us on our trav­els dur­ing 2015–2017. We’re delight­ed to say that some of the illus­tra­tions we most want­ed to include made the cut after much detec­tive work and bar­gain­ing by Joan­na Cope­stick at Home­wood Press.

Detail from a mock advertisement by Nick Tolson.
Nick Tol­son gave us per­mis­sion to repro­duce this mock adver­tise­ment from Viz com­ic as an east­er egg on the inside rear cov­er.

Here’s that list of sup­pli­ers we know of so far:

Or, if you want a signed copy sent by post, drop us a line (contact@boakandbailey.com) and we’ll see what we can do.

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    1. Not yet, unfor­tu­nate­ly, though we could prob­a­bly arrange to leave one some­where for you to pick up. Drop us an email.

  1. Are you going to be sell­ing signed copies at a pre­mi­um via mail pay­ment via Pay­Pal? With a lengthy hand­writ­ten note on the inner cov­er? Folk might like that.

  2. Hi both good to meet you at last y/day, hope lots of copies were sold. Pl send me sep­a­rate­ly jo cope­stick­’s con­tact details cheers

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