GALLERY: Bristol Style

The Golden Lion, Bristol.

Bristol is famous for its graffiti and street art with entire blocks and many businesses decorated, more or less elaborately, in the familiar spray-paint style.

We’ve found the way this applies to pubs par­tic­u­lar­ly fas­ci­nat­ing since arriv­ing here per­ma­nent­ly in the sum­mer. We don’t know yet if we like it, as such but we do like that it seems to be a Bris­tol ‘thing’ – a real expres­sion of local iden­ti­ty. It also seems to sig­nal a cer­tain laid-back infor­mal­i­ty that you might call Bohemi­an if that did­n’t sound ludi­crous­ly 19th cen­tu­ry.

We’re not sure of the eti­quette of pho­tograph­ing and shar­ing oth­er peo­ple’s cre­ations but have tried to find cred­its where we can and link to the artist’s web­sites. At any rate, con­sid­er this an encour­age­ment to go out and look at these pubs your­self, which are far more star­tling and unusu­al in the flesh.

"The Prince of Wales" (scrolll)
In the yard at the Prince of Wales, Bish­op­ston.
Art in the gaps at the Prince of Wales.
Front of the Prince of Wales by Andrew Burns Col­will.
A giant painted beer pump.
Side of the Prince of Wales.
The Golden Lion, front.
The unfin­ished front of the Gold­en Lion, Bish­op­ston.

Detail of paintwork.
Close-up on the ‘brush­work’ at The Gold­en Lion.
A lion.
The side of the Gold­en Lion.
The Full Moon, doorway.
The Full Moon, Stokes Croft, by Che­ba.
A window surrounded by painted stars.
The street side of the Full Moon, next to the main gate.
The Farm, exterior view.
The Farm, St Wer­burgh’s, by Xenz.
A cow.
Detail from the wall next to the bike shed.
Doorway surrounded by bucolic painted scenery.
Main entrace to The Farm.
Exterior, the Duke of York
The Duke of York, St Wer­burgh’s, by Alex Mack.
Painted Signpost: "Neither Up Nor Down"
Detail of the mur­al on the pub­’s right flank.
A psy­che­del­ic sign and back­drop.
"MACK 16"
Artist­s’s sig­na­ture next to the front door of the Duke of York.
The Cadbury (exterior)
The Cad­bury, Mont­pe­lier, by Xenz, with trompe-l’œil Tudor tim­ber­ing.
"Smoking is not allowed on these penises".
Hur hur.. chor­tle.… snurk.
Doorway with painted pipes and steam.
A glimpse into the engine room.

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