The Great Porter Flood of 2017

At some point in the last year a memo must have gone round all the traditional-regional-family brewers: let’s brew porter!

So far this year we’ve noticed new ones from:

And that’s before we get into debat­able cas­es such as the revived Tru­man’s which has a vanil­la porter in devel­op­ment.

Have we missed any oth­ers?

We’d guess this has been enabled by the trend for small pilot plants which enable large brew­eries, oth­er­wise equipped to turn out tanker­loads of one or two flag­ship beers, to pro­duce styles with less main­stream appeal on the side. For a long time this was often cit­ed as the rea­son for the lack of dark beers – they don’t sell enough to war­rant a full brew – so this might also bode well for oth­er mar­gin­al styles such as mild.

We’re also firm­ly of the view that porter is a more dig­ni­fied way of meet­ing the cur­rent demand for nov­el­ty and vari­ety than dis­ap­point­ing cod-Amer­i­can IPAs, or beers that are sup­posed to taste of Tequi­la.

What­ev­er the rea­sons and motives we’d be quite hap­py if Octo­ber-Decem­ber became a sort of semi-offi­cial porter sea­son across the coun­try. Imag­ine know­ing that you could walk into almost any halfway decent pub and find porter on draught – imag­ine!

5 thoughts on “The Great Porter Flood of 2017”

  1. For those of us who grew up putting up with Guin­ness just because it was often the best thing avail­able, a sim­ple cask-con­di­tioned porter is an absolute treat, esp. here in Lon­don, and I’ll for­give all man­ner of craft silli­ness if it means I can get a decent pint of Redemption/Sambrook’s/Hammerton/Five Points/Fuller’s…

  2. Imag­ine know­ing that you could walk into almost any halfway decent pub and find porter on draught — imag­ine!”

    I am imag­in­ing it, and it feels good. It also helps know­ing where to look, but it’s cer­tain­ly good to see these new porter brnds appear­ing.

  3. A grow­ing porter trend makes me very hap­py, and thank­ful­ly more brew­eries on this side of the Pond seem to be mak­ing one as well. Now if only they could get the cask thing down.…

  4. I’d sug­gest the mid size old­er and fam­i­ly brew­ers gen­er­al­ly under­stand porter. It works as a sea­son­al beer, I think most real ale pubs with four or more lines want one dark at least in win­ter months. I’d also sug­gest that they prob­a­bly realise their ipas are at best get­ting a mixed response. A new porter from tim­my tay­lor I’m expect­ing quality,were they to do a 7%American ipa I’d be scep­ti­cal at least and the core bolt mak­er drinkers would­n’t be at all keen. Porter sits on the safe mid­dle ground

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