Artyfacts from the Nyneties #5: Sainsbury’s Bière de Garde, 1991

Sainsbury's Biere de Garde.

The image above comes from the Sainsbury’s supermarket in-house magazine for November 1991 and is a great reminder that interesting beer didn’t arrive in Britain in 2010.

Here’s the text that accom­pa­nied the prod­uct shot under the groan­some head­line THE BEER WORTH GUARDING:

The new Sainsbury’s Biere de Garde derives its name from the tra­di­tion­al brew­ing meti­iods used at tlie brew­ery in Beni­fontaine, in the Nord-pas de Calais region of France. This strong beer, which is made with sev­en malts, spends six weeks ‘kept’ in spe­cial chilled tanks in a locked Garde room while top fer­men­ta­tion takes place. Hence Biere de Garde – ‘kept’ beer.

The design of the bot­tle, and the label, is a strik­ing blend of the mod­ern and tra­di­tion­al, and the amber beer is, in the words of the buy­er: ‘robust, deliv­er­ing a rich bou­quet and an intense full, round­ed flavour.’

Biere de Garde is avail­able in 123 stores at £1.79.

Retro Sainsbury’s brand­ing is very cool right now – some of it has aged rather won­der­ful­ly – and this Biere de Garde isn’t bad at all.

You can read the whole issue as a PDF via the JS Jour­nal Online pages at the Sainsbury’s Archive, and there’s more on the arrival of ‘world beer’ in Britain in Brew Bri­tan­nia, espe­cial­ly on pages 106 to 111.

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  1. It was the Bel­gian ale that real­ly did it for me. Super­mar­ket own brand geuze. I got through a lot of that one.

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