The Best Beer Tweets of 2017

Illustration: Twitter pub sign.

This seems to have become an annual tradition and, like all these apparently fluffy listicle round-ups, does actually serve a purpose.

First, it reminds us of things we enjoyed but had for­got­ten, giv­ing us the plea­sure of being tick­led by them all over again.

And, sec­ond­ly, we hope, it will help you find some peo­ple worth fol­low­ing who might not already be on your radar.

At any rate, if there’s any­thing below you par­tic­u­lar­ly like, do give it a retweet. If these folk are any­thing like us, every RT is like a lit­tle pat on the back – the small­est unit of ‘thank you’ known to man.

A Tribute to the Essential Weirdness of Pubs
A Tribute to Pass-Agg Pub Signage

Farmhouse Brewing Encapsulated in One Picture
Make Your Own Refreshing Artisan Beer
A Motto to Live By
Tipsiness in Literature
Quick – to the Craftmobile!
Gosella vs. Mechagosella
Where Did You Get That Hat, Where Did you Get That Hat?
Beer Quaffing Imps
Health & Safety
Practical Ideas for Managers

(This is a big thread.)

Sign Of The Times
Practical Engineering
Doctor Who
Pub Pullovers
A Pint of Forster’s
The Best Pub Photo of the Year
The Horror of Women in the Pub
Brewpocalypse Now
Someone at the BBC Archive is a Beer Geek
Smooth Operator
Liquid Craft
Pipe Cleaners and PVA Glue

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