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The Best Beer Tweets of 2017

This seems to have become an annual tradition and, like all these apparently fluffy listicle round-ups, does actually serve a purpose.

First, it reminds us of things we enjoyed but had forgotten, giving us the pleasure of being tickled by them all over again.

And, secondly, we hope, it will help you find some people worth following who might not already be on your radar.

At any rate, if there’s anything below you particularly like, do give it a retweet. If these folk are anything like us, every RT is like a little pat on the back — the smallest unit of ‘thank you’ known to man.

A Tribute to the Essential Weirdness of Pubs
A Tribute to Pass-Agg Pub Signage

Farmhouse Brewing Encapsulated in One Picture
Make Your Own Refreshing Artisan Beer
A Motto to Live By
Tipsiness in Literature
Quick — to the Craftmobile!
Gosella vs. Mechagosella
Where Did You Get That Hat, Where Did you Get That Hat?
Beer Quaffing Imps
Health & Safety
Practical Ideas for Managers

(This is a big thread.)

Sign Of The Times
Practical Engineering
Doctor Who
Pub Pullovers
A Pint of Forster’s
The Best Pub Photo of the Year
The Horror of Women in the Pub
Brewpocalypse Now
Someone at the BBC Archive is a Beer Geek
Smooth Operator
Liquid Craft
Pipe Cleaners and PVA Glue

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