Everything We Wrote in January 2018

January 2018.

We managed a slightly slim 17 posts last month what with the lingering effects of the Christmas break and a cheeky holiday towards the end. Still, there were a few good ‘uns you might have missed in the January fog.

We kicked the month off, as usu­al, with a con­tri­bu­tion to the Ses­sion. Jan­u­ary’s edi­tion was a bit weird because there was no host until the last minute when co-founder Jay Brooks stepped in to ask ‘Three Ques­tions’. His round-up of all the respons­es is here.

We went to Cardiff which prompt­ed Kei­th Flett to ask us a ques­tion: “Why Drink Brains?” We answered.

A rel­ic from the pre-CAM­RA era of beer appre­ci­a­tion arrived in our actu­al snail-mail post­box: a pub crawl sched­ule from Cup Final day, 1967.

Some pubs are famous for doing one beer real­ly well – Bass, Land­lord, usu­al­ly one of the clas­sics. Peo­ple sug­gest­ed exam­ples in the com­ments and a good dis­cus­sion was had all round. (This one got lots of atten­tion, as the throw­aways often do.)

We were sad­ly unim­pressed by Bound­ary Brew­ing, North­ern Ire­land’s co-op out­fit; com­menters seem to broad­ly agree with our judge­ment, even as they yearn for the brew­ery to do well.

Read­er Robin Old­field urged us to watch a 1979 doc­u­men­tary about cav­ing in York­shire. It did­n’t sound promis­ing but, oh, how we’re glad we gave it a go. (Feed­back since sug­gests that actu­al­ly was a pret­ty typ­i­cal night in that par­tic­u­lar pub, con­trary to our assump­tion.)

We got a bit flow­ery review­ing beers from North­ern Monk and Wylam as part of our ongo­ing Patre­on’s Choice fea­ture.

Maybe our favourite post of the month was this piece on the beer-sell­ing boat­men of old Lon­don town. Go to snig­ger at the word ‘bum-boat’, stay for the social his­to­ry.

Our local had Bass on but the land­lord was­n’t sure how to describe its ori­gins which made us ask, Where is Bass From? Stan Hierony­mus had some thoughts and we Tweet­ed this as a fol­low-up:

We put togeth­er a read­ing list on the sub­ject of lager, point­ing to por­tions of books and arti­cles we’d like to see in an anthol­o­gy. Alan McLeod had some fol­low-up thoughts here. (We hope peo­ple copy this idea – we’d love to see sim­i­lar lists on all sorts of beer- and pub-relat­ed sub­jects, and we’ll even design cov­ers for them if you like.)

Via our ever-grow­ing col­lec­tion of old in-house mag­a­zines from brew­eries we shone a spot­light on a sig­nif­i­cant post-war pub, The White Knight in Craw­ley, West Sus­sex. Some Twit­ter chat ensued, lead­ing us to more (and bet­ter) pic­tures.

Open­ing night at Rig­by’s Bierkeller.

Draw­ing from the same well we put togeth­er a piece on a for­got­ten exam­ple of a large­ly for­got­ten trend: Rig­by’s Bier Keller in Liv­er­pool. Our favourite detail here is that the land­lord was a Ger­man for­mer pris­on­er of war.

Con­tin­u­ing our series of trib­utes to great libraries and librar­i­ans we offered a quick tour of the beer-relat­ed mate­r­i­al at Man­ches­ter Cen­tral Library and Archives+.

And, final­ly, after a few days in Har­ro­gate, we had some thoughts on Land­lord, York­shire Bit­ter and pale-n-hop­py cask beer.

There were also the usu­al round-ups of links and news, though we skipped a cou­ple of weeks:

We also man­aged eight exclu­sive posts for Patre­on sub­scribers includ­ing a prop­er good one on Humphrey Smith, the brew­ing world’s answer to Scott Walk­er or Howard Hugh­es. If you like the sound of that, and want to encour­age us to keep doing stuff like the above, do con­sid­er sign­ing up.

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